Chinese Company Pledges to Create a Better Environment with its Series of Oil Free Compressors

With their improved engineering, Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. manufactures and supplies oil free compressors that do not need oil for lubrication and thus doesn’t create any environmental issue.

Industries that are more conscious towards the environment can now rely on China based Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Company for procuring oil free air compressors for processing different gases, such as oxygen, hydrogen, helium etc for industrial applications. These compressors are also energy efficient and help keep the processing cost to the lowest possible levels.

The company has the oil free oxygen compressor that helps maintain the best purity of the gas when processed through it. The compressor doesn’t require heavy maintenance and comes fitted with branded motors and quality parts. This is the reason why the compressor is durable and is suitable for a long-lasting performance. The compressor is easy to operate and is safe for the workers. With the CE safety approval, the compressor is reliable, safe and efficient and also pollution free.

Bailian totally oil free gas compressor

The company spokesperson maintains that their hydrogen compressor is 100% oil free and helps maintain the best level of purity of the inlet gas. With 4000 hours of piston ring working life, the compressor can offer a stable performance throughout its life cycle. With a low maintenance, it requires to change the piston ring, when needed. According to the spokesperson, the compressor is remarkable for its low cost performance and is also friendly for the environment. The compressor can be installed in industrial facilities and can keep the working environment free from the pollution.

Customers can also check their oil free helium compressor that again doesn’t require oil for lubrication. Fitted with the top brand motors like Siemens, the compressor is easy and safe to operate and offers a low cost performance. With a 300-660rpm rotating speed, the compressor allows the gas flow at a significant speed. The compressor also features a significant suction pressure and exhaust pressure to improve the performance. One can check all oil free compressors available with them and can also check their features on their website

About Anqing Bailian Oil Free Air Compressor Co. Ltd. 

The company was established in 1995, and is located in the historical and cultural city of Anqing in the Anhui Province of China. The company is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure oil free compressors, oxygen compressor, oxygen booster, nitrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, argon gas compressors, helium compressors, ammonia compressors, boosters, special gas compressors etc.

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