Welcome Dialogue Launches New Language and Cultural Training for Individuals and Businesses

CHICAGO – Welcome Dialogue has launched an innovative and timely service, focusing on acculturation needs as well as diversity consulting. Welcome Dialogue helps non-native English speakers in the Chicagoland area with oral, social and professional skills. They offer college-age students and adults training in American grammar and idioms, and help them develop stronger relationships with American co-workers, friends and neighbors. The company empowers its clients with the knowledge of how to succeed in the American workplace and how to understand American behaviors and habits.

There is a great need in the business community to better navigate the challenges of workplace diversity, training hires from abroad in the company culture, employees having trouble understanding each other and tensions between staff of different backgrounds. Welcome Dialogue consults with companies to address these challenges and leverage the skills of their employees by improving communication and increasing productivity.

Welcome Dialogue partners with businesses to help English learners speak and understand American English better. Owner Regina Rodríguez-Martin explains, “I guide employees in the expectations and behaviors of your particular business. Whether your English learners need tutoring in grammar, training in meeting behavior, or guidance in the protocols of office friendship, I’ll focus on what it takes to make your team work smoothly.”

Employees gain confidence and ease as they build their language skills and find their place in an organization. “When people have a sense of belonging and security, they become more productive.” Speaking to new arrivals, and those struggling a bit with the English language, Rodríguez-Martin stresses, “If Americans sometimes confuse you, or if you feel nervous about saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move with your co-workers, friends or neighbors, we will coach you. No matter what your goals are, we will create an acculturation strategy to give you the skills and tools to reach those goals. With Welcome Dialogue, you will find your community in the Chicagoland area, gain a better understanding of American culture, improve your communications skills and make yourself a more valuable member of the American workforce.”

Rodríguez-Martin is an engaging and inspiring instructor who has taught ESL in the classroom and one-on-one. With a job history that covers six industries, she knows the American workplace and helps English learners thrive in their professional environments. She is also an expert in building friendships and personal communities and loves to share these skills with those who need more support in their lives. The granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, Rodríguez-Martin feels passionate about helping people learn American culture and feel comfortable in English.

Sessions are available for individuals and groups, in private or professional settings.

For more information go to http://www.welcomedialogue.com/

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