Flitejob.com Launches Jobsites With Integrated Pre-Screened Technical Knowledge

Flitejob.com release the official initial job search and job posting with integrated and smart filtering capabilities for employer and employees.

This integrated recruitment concept helped the organization improve their Human resources efficiency by having simplified and efficient solutions for their human resources selection and recruitment processes, from  classifying their human resource needs, identification and filtering the skill and knowledge and selection tools benchmarking processes.

The partnership with Principal office in Fort Lauderdale, USA is managed by Ludlow Beckford who is responsible for the US office, this in collaboration with Vision Concept in Dubai, UAE.  The marketing is also supported by Shawn Abdollahi in Toronto office for the Canadian market and Abbas Younis for Middle east market with its location in Cairo, Egypt.   Christian Schroeder handles the Europe and China market while Anaziaz and Baldi for the Asia market based in Jakarta under aerotekavia.com

The employment platform is custom tailored to meet customer needs, with the technical question screening module,  and which includes video resume recording capability that is being developed securely which will be the leading product that employer can filter and rank candidates scores to meet the right requirements.

There are many websites that offer identical recruitment platform, however they are missing the most important tools which is filtering, selection tools and profiling capabilities.

This will be the primary solution for employer that cover not only consider pilots  jobs but also extend to cabin crew jobs, engineers jobs from air operators, aircraft design organization, as well as maintenance organization or other aviation related jobs such as airports and Air Traffic control environment.

Flitejob.com  employment websites is free for job seekers and also for employer with the basic job posting, however it is also providing advance paid recruitment and selection tools.

Currently we see the a high demand for pilots who have just graduated from flying school and can not be readily absorbed by airlines, and so requires further training to maintain and improve their skill and knowledge said Beckford who is also Type Rating  Examiner who is also responsible to manage the training developments section.

About Company:

The partnership has over 50 years combined aviation experience, which was formalized in 2013 with 5 partners from various continent, US, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Indonesia.

US Office: 20th CT, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33323, United States
US office: 9549938935
Middle East office: 9715637063722
Twitter: @FlitejobInfo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flitejob

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