Mortgage One Inc. Announces FHA Website for People Who are Looking for FHA Loan and FHA 203k Loan

If you need some assistance with your FHA loan needs, Mortgage 1 has officially launched their website to cater to the needs of their clients.

Mortgage One lives up to their name as they secure their position as the number one FHA and FHA 203k loan lender in the whole Michigan area. This is the reason why it is not a big surprise that hundreds of realtors now trust the company with the realtors’ own clients’ mortgages, with the numbers increasing by the day.

For those who require some help on home mortgage for purchasing a new home, those who like to refinance their home to a much lower rate or take out cash for paying off the high bills for their interest rate, Mortgage One is the name that you can trust.

Mortgage One takes great pride in their long and rich history of being the original 203k loan contractor in Michigan. For more than two decades, they have offered the residents of Michigan and now Ohio and Florida with mortgage refinancing and home purchase loans to help in fulfilling everyone’s American dream of owning a home.  

Considering a FHA 203k loan to renovate your home prior to moving in?  Mortgage One has relationships with some of the best 203k loan contractors who understand the complexities of working with FHA’s paper work and will renovate your new home to your high standards.

The FHA mortgages are among the easiest means of qualifying for a mortgage, particularly for the first time home buyers.

The official FHA website of Mortgage One can serve as your guide to knowing what it really takes to be qualified for mortgages, from mortgage insurance, debt to income ratios, FHA loan rates income and credit  The firm is always ready to answer the questions of everyone and help them in closing their loans in just a matter of weeks.

You might have heard that the process of securing a loan is harder compared to applying for the traditional mortgage. Greg Kitchen, Sales Manager says, “This is not really the case. The changes that have been implemented because of Dodd Frank laws have made the whole process sadly as hard for all kinds of loans.”

Mortgage One’s system is going to make things as easy for you as possible. Their main goal is to help the borrowers in getting to a home mortgage that will suit their needs and their budget. They always work hand in hand with the borrowers in order to lead them to the conventional mortgage if possible before recommending  an FHA mortgage.

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Mortgage One Is An Equal Opportunity Lender.

Greg Kitchen’s NMLS# is 166067

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