Primato Hellas offers Premium US-Imported Water Filters on their Online and Brick-and-Mortar Shop with more Affordable Prices

Based in Thessaloniki Greece, Primato Hellas is a reputable company when it comes to premium water filters and water treatment products imported from the United States. For years, they sell their products through their brick-and-mortar shop and e-shop. The company simply believes that by providing customers with high quality water filtering products, they can help them in keeping their family’s health in perfect condition.

There are actually a lot of drinking water types people can choose from including tap water, bottled water, or filtered water. However, there are certain differences between these types and can be less discrete than what most people think. For instance, more or less 25 percent of bottled water products are nothing more compared to bottled tap water according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

We are here to provide our valued customers with great options when it comes to water filters. In fact, it is our main goal to offer you with premium quality water treatment products in order to ensure that you and your family are drinking clean water every single day. Also, we are proud to say that all of our items sold in the shop are imported from America so you are guaranteed to receive finest water filters like no other,” quoted by Primato Hellas.

Federal regulations which are currently governing manufacturers of certain products like bottled water are characteristically much less stringent unlike those which regulate tap water. Experts recommend that consumers should double check the bottled water they buy from the store in order to know whether they came from a tap. Bottled water is filtered but drinkers must ensure that they are getting certified products that have undergone the regulations.

With the help of water filters and other water treatment methods, people are safe to drink water even those coming from the tap. In addition, they also get additional health benefits while minimizing cost for daily water consumption. 

If the taste of tap water is not that good, adding water filter to faucets or jags can help improve the taste. In fact, many people in Greece are using water filters to not just ensure that they are drinking clean water but also with an improved taste for better and more enjoyable consumption. It’s easier to avoid contaminants with these water treatment devices available at Primato Hellas. Through filtration device, tap water can easily remove contaminants such as chlorine and pesticide residues. However, there are certain chemical which these filters cannot remove like nitrates.

For more details about Primato Hellas water filters and water treatment devices, they may check out or email George Margiolos at and get further details.

Interested buyers can also visit them at Grigoriou E’ 34 Str. Thessaloniki 54 248, Greece.

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