Burnsville Eye Doctor now offers Cooper MyDay Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Those who are suffering from dry eye syndrome can now get the help that they need as Complete Family Eyecare is now offering unique contact lenses engineered specifically for this eye condition

Complete Family Eyecare now takes great pride as they offer Cooper MyDay contact lenses that are specifically designed for those people suffering from dry eye syndrome. The materials used in these contact lenses can offer the highest level of oxygen flow that can then slow down the drying of the eyes of the patient. Those who are suffering from dry eye syndrome might have a hard time in wearing the traditional contact lenses and this new innovation of contact lenses for dry eyes is geared to address this concern.

Probably the most common complaint that eye doctors hear from their dry eye patients is that contact lenses make their eyes feel dry and itchy.

Dry eye disease is a kind of condition whereby the eyes fail to produce a sufficient amount of tears needed for proper lubrication of the ocular surface. Dry eyes affect millions of individuals around the country and is one of the most common reasons for a visit to their optometrist. If not properly treated, dry eye syndrome can actually lead to some eye infections, scarring or worse, even vision loss.

Since contact lenses practically act as a barrier between the outside air and the cornea, the oxygen flow is reduced that then creates an environment that can make the eyes feel uncomfortable and itchy. Hard contact lenses tend to do a much better job in letting more oxygen flow through the lens material but getting used to them is also a bit harder. On the other hand, their soft counterparts have a relatively shorter break in cycle and can be a bit easier to get used to. However, the downside of soft contact lenses is that these have lower oxygen flow because of the material used for designing the lenses.

With the technology advances introduced with Cooper MyDay contact lenses, Complete Family Eyecare is now able to provide their dry eye patients with a superior solution, allowing them to wear contact lenses for extended periods of time. These contact lenses make use of a material known as stenfilicon A that forms the lens’ silicon matrix into channels that make the lens even more efficient when it comes to delivering oxygen to the eye’s cornea. This then results to a lower requirement of silicon content that means that the lens will be more wettable or hydrophilic that can lead to better comfort.

The Burnsville eye doctor staff will be more than happy to explore their patients’ eye and vision options for contact lenses and dry eyes. The contacts are available in an everyday wear mode and many dry eye patients have already experienced great results with its use.

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