Kleen Shav-N Bro Towel Launches on Kickstarter

Unless you have to sport a five o’clock early morning shadow like George Clooney does or decided to grow your beard like Brad Pitt, your early morning bathroom ritual would not be complete without shaving.  But do you really have any idea what you are doing with your razor/trimmer or are you just causing a lot of mess on the sink that needs to be cleaned the hard way?  Nicks, stubble, and razor bumps are often the common aftermaths of shaving, but there is another that often does not get enough credit – the clean up.

Shaving, indeed, is not as hard as cleaning the dirty sink covered with those little hairs where you just shaved so conveniently.  To make it even worse, those hairs will end up accumulating in your drain after a short while, preventing your water from draining away as easy as it use to.  Now who does not hate such a situation?  However, the good news is we now have a solution to avoid creating a mess every time we go to shaving and that is Kleen Shave-N Bro Towels.

Cleaning up the sink after shaving is every single-living guy’s worst nightmare, and even the married ones who get scolded by their wives every day.  No matter how rigorously you try to rinse the sink and wipe it, you will always find those few stray hairs that escape without you noticing them.  If you daily find yourself in this similar hairy predicament, Kleen Shav-N Bo towels are a full proof hack that will help you keep your sink all clean.

Kleen Shav-N’s Bro Towels are disposable shaving towels that will help you shave conveniently without making your sink messier and so you can shave without worrying later about how you are going to tackle all those little annoying hairs that accumulate in your sink basin. All you have to do is just frame the top part of your sink with the Kleen Shav-N Bro Towel and then once you’re done, just wrap the filter up and throw it in the dustbin.  There now, did that sound hard?  Not at all.  You can enjoy a clean, hassle-free shaving with Kleen Shav-N Bro Towels!

Moreover, along with all the benefits you get from using Kleen Shav-N Bro Towels, you will also be pleased to know that the filters are eco-friendly and manufactured with complete responsibility and care, only from the top EPA and FSC certified suppliers.

We all hate clogged drains and know how difficult it is to clean them. Generally, we have no clue what we put down those drains that cause them blockage, but the answer to that could very well be stray hairs, and now a better solution is to use the eco-friendly Bro Towels by Kleen Shav-N.   At present, we are crowd-funding to raise money to bring Kleen Shav-N Bro Towels from our manufacturing facility to your doorstep.  We’re dedicated to bringing this useful product to market and let the entire world benefit from a hassle-free, ‘clean-sink’ shaving experience!

Take just a minute to visit our Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign here.

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