Eco-friendly electric scooter folding transport tool for Designated Driving Service

China Daily report: Beijing, which registered 4.7 million motor vehicles by the end of 2010, has a need for about 3,000 designated drivers a day, according to the estimates of business insiders.                  

Too many social intercourse activities and parties, too many drunk drivers.

Reports say that two in three people on average will be involved in a drunken driving crash in their lifetime. It doesn’t take much alcohol for a potential driver to become impaired, so always remember: buzzed driving is still drunk driving.

The only fail-safe way to ensure you don’t hurt someone by drinking and driving is to not drink and drive – don’t risk your life or the lives of others.            

Designated Driving Service as a fledgling industry and provide people with a variety of reliable options and alternatives to driving and driving, so there’s no excuse for putting “yourself and others” at risk. Designated driver programs and businesses are important parts of a community-based effort to prevent impaired driving, and they’re becoming more and more popular. “Safe ride” programs and designated driving companies serve, helping prevent DUIs, accidents, or worse.   

United States:

Numerous businesses have sprouted up across the United States to help address the problem of drinking and driving. Some transport their driver’s home, as passengers, using one of three methods: car, collapsible scooter, or foldable bike. Nightriders, Incorporated was the first company to use collapsible, motorized scooters in the US.

Designated driving business comes into being and supports lots of designated drivers, it creates many jobs for people. Previously, designated drivers rely on walking or taking taxi on the way to meet different clients. However, walking for a long time makes them fatigued, while taking taxi will decrease their income. They need a transport that can shuttle back and forth among different places.

The advent of Shenzhen Acetech E.T electric scooter 2-wheeled electric bike is the blessing to those designated drivers. Acetech scooter AT-185 is qualified as such a transport. Nowadays, it is frequently-seen that a designated driver is driving Acetech Electric scooter folding electric bike on street.

Acetech E.T scooter AT-185 Gives Designated Drivers a Hand

Shenzhen Acetech E.T scooter, the eco-friendly Electric bike /Electric scooter exclusive companion for Designed drivers. This patent mini fast foldable electric bike with 35km/h max speed, it is small enough to put into car trunk easily and folding within 3 seconds. It is very convenient for designated drivers. E.T scooter can climb within 30 degree angle, support 35km large distance range and pedals only improve the riding safety and comfort designated driver’s feet, but also can be flexible so as to save storage space. Meanwhile, such a transport also should be easy-to-ride and get to the agreed place quickly. 

Designated Driving is a career that is good to family bliss and social harmony, because it largely reduces traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.

At the same time, Shenzhen Acetech E.T scooter AT-185 two wheels self-balancing electric scooter, folding electric bike has been widely approved by people and new coming models shall be understood by more and more people. 

You drive client and his car home safely, Shenzhen Acetech E.T scooter takes you to work and back home together!

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