Affordable Device Fills Need for Home Phone with No Monthly Fees

Connect to children and family without needing a landline. No telecom taxes.

SALT LAKE CITY – With the constant clamor of rings, vibrations and alerts, smartphone fatigue has caused many people to ignore messages, emails and phone calls, simply so they can avoid being interrupted. However, when it comes to family, ZAGG’s (NASDAQ:ZAGG) former Managing Director of ZAGG International, Mark Reed, still wanted a way to connect. Combining elements of a home intercom and a smartphone app, Reed created QwiQcom, a patent pending system that gives people the power to connect with their family and home from anywhere in the world.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, QwiQcom devices are small speakerphone units that connect with a home’s existing WiFi. The devices can be placed anywhere in a home or office and are used to make and receive VOIP (voice over internet protocol) calls to app users or other QwiQcom devices. The QwiQcom App lets users page, monitor or talk to any authorized QwiQcom device on their customizable network. Privacy settings determine who can use which feature. With auto-answer enabled on the devices, anyone within hearing distance can respond without lifting a finger.

QwiQcom creates a new method of connecting families in urgent situations and provides an alternative way to check in with elderly parents, pre-teen children or that one family member who never carries their phone. The paging feature lets you call groups of QwiQcom devices at the same time in case someone is in the basement or upstairs in the attic. Anyone who hears the page can respond by pressing a button on the nearest QwiQcom device.

“In addition to the general frustration of not being able to reach people who may have their phone on silent, we also found a growing population of young families that don’t have a home phone and still aren’t ready to give cell phones to their children,” said Reed, founder and managing director of InQoba. “This creates a gap in communication when parents are not at home for any length of time.”

In as few as two button presses a child can now call his/her parent’s smartphone without needing a home phone. Children can also call extended family members who have the QwiQcom App or have a QwiQcom at their house or office. “People are cutting the cord on home phone service every day,” says Reed. “QwiQcom will accelerate that trend as it offers an easy way to connect, without the big monthly fee.”

InQoba includes a free, ad-supported subscription as well as a $2.99/month subscription for app users. The free subscription allows users to use the Talk feature and make as many calls as they want to other QwiQcom devices and app users on their network with a three-minute time limit. Paid subscriptions open up the paging and monitoring features and allow users to extend their connections to other private QwiQcom devices and networks.

Kickstarter backers can receive a QwiQcom device for a pledge of $35 or more between now and March 18th. QwiQcom devices are expected to retail for $69 with delivery beginning in August.

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About InQoba

Mark Reed, former Managing Director of ZAGG International, based in Shannon, Ireland, founded InQoba (pronounced in-Kobuh) in October 2014.  From 2011 to 2014, Mark lived in Ireland and managed ZAGG’s international business outside of the Americas with sales offices in eight different countries. ZAGG is a leader in the mobile accessories market with annual sales of more than $250 million. Mr. Reed holds a BA and an MBA from Brigham Young University.  Also from ZAGG is John Hesch, former Director of Ecommerce and Global Web Operations. John was responsible for leading ZAGG’s Ecommerce team for more than 10 years and joined InQoba to manage the web, database and server components of the business as VP of Technology and Ecommerce. Mr. Hesch holds a BA in business from Southern Utah University.

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