Swole Co. Launches On Kickstarter to Inspire Americans To Get Fit

“Be Fit” with our High Performance affordable fitness apparel. Same Quality as Nike, just with a Better Price Tag. #BeFit

About Swole Co. – Swole Co.  (www.swoleco.com) is a brand that is designed to motivate Americans to achieve their desired physique. Our slogan “Be Fit” is supposed to act as encouragement for people to want to get out there and hit the gym hard to achieve the ultimate goal; to become “Swole”. We offer High Performance Apparel at a cost that is affordable to a large customer base. Other fitness apparel companies charge excessive amounts for their products. You’re paying $50.00 for shirts that should cost $20, my costs are what most of Americans can afford: $15 for performance tank tops (men and women), $20 for performance T-Shirts, $25 for performance long sleeves. With our goal of $10,000 we will be adding many more apparel opinions to our performance line. Including for example joggers and yoga pants for women. All Swole co.’s products are breathable and air drying with enough compression on the body to help you sweat to reduce body fat. 

Why I created Swole Co.

I have always wanted to be a young entrepreneur, but one that will make a difference in this world. I want to help Americans get on their feet and become the best people they can be. We as a country suffer from the Highest Obesity Rate in the world. I want to help those people find motivation to “Be Fit”, and do so at an affordable rate. That is my ultimate goal with Swole co. Help me, so I can help influence people that need that extra bit of motivation.

About Me — Founder of Swole Co.

My name is Brian Coyle, an 18-year-old Freshman at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. I am a marketing major with a minor in entrepreneurship. Born with a drive for success since the day I was born, and always dreamed about conquering the fitness apparel market. I believe the most valuable part of my company is Affordability, Quality, and Promotion of Change. That is how I created Swole co.  My father passed away to Brain Cancer this October and he was my number one supporter for all my business ideas. He said I was always passionate about things I wanted to work and I am sure he would be proud of my drive for the company I am about to start. Success is driven by passion, if you want something to work it will work. That has been my motto since day one. I am not someone who gives up easily, if something doesn’t work I will find a solution and make it work.

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Website: www.swoleco.com

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