Jurni – New Video Journaling Application Puts Modern Spin on Human Reflection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1 Mar, 2016 – Jurni is a new and unique journaling application where users share their experiences via video. Users collect their life experiences throughout the day or can record the full 45 seconds in one setting if they choose. Moments are patched together to form an ongoing story of the user’s life and are shared publicly or privately. Jurni users capture moments that matter while allowing greater connectivity with people who are going through similar experiences and emotions.

“Jurni is a video sharing platform that has reinvented journaling. In the past, written journals helped people self reflect and connect to the the world around them. Jurni now goes a step further providing users an easy means of chronicling visual content. Reflecting on and connecting through that content on a more meaningful level opens a new world of possibilities for personal growth and community sharing,” said Edreece Arghandiwal, co-founder of Jurni, Inc.

Jurni’s goal is to create something within the modern technological framework that changes this societal disproportion and addresses human needs. Authenticity has been a staple word Jurni has emphasized throughout development. A sort of genuineness is lacking today because people are bombarded with external stimuli without sufficient time to reflect, relax and truly communicate and connect with others. In the past, journaling was one method people used for memorializing life’s moments allowing for self-reflection, growth and healing. Scientific studies bear out the compelling value of journaling on self-awareness and impactful self-conversation. Jurni decided that putting a modern spin on journaling through an all video interactive application would serve the dual purpose of memorializing events in a beautiful, visual manner, while allowing users to share their stories with others. By self-defining an emotion and topic, the user categorizes jurnies for later consumption in an organized, searchable fashion.

“Through leveraging how users feel and focused topic tagging, we have created a more intuitive and intimate content connection for users,” Edreece continued.

People have the opportunity to respond to a user’s public jurnies via video. There is no ability to text nor is there a like button. If someone feels strongly enough about a user’s Jurni, they can respond in kind with video comments. Texting trolls and the ease with which texting creates negativity and disconnect are removed from the Jurni equation. Similarly, a like button leads to superficialities that Jurni does not encourage. If someone seeks disharmony or small gestures, they always have other social media options. Jurni, on the other hand, is designed to enhance engagement and deeper interaction among people.

Discovering that surface level communication has become an imperceptible, ubiquitous form of communication only happens when confronted with something wholly different from the current norm. Fortunately, using Jurni is that wake up call. The initial shock generated by the dissonance between Jurni and other current approaches challenges users. Breaking through modern contrived barriers takes a bit of effort at first but the time-tested rewards of journaling are now encapsulated in Jurni for those willing to embark on a new path.

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi proclaimed, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So to, modern society’s step back toward authentic community begins with a single Jurni.

Jurni is available for download on the App Store at https://appsto.re/us/oDju7.i

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