Footprints Crusader Dumps Trump: New Indiegogo Music Video Campaign

DOWNEY, CA – 1 Mar, 2016 – Throughout history troubadours have written songs and poked-fun at the rich, the famous and the royals. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is no exception. Musical playwright/author, Kathy Bee recently launched her music video campaign on Indiegogo called “The Trump Dump”.  Although the melody of the song is to the tune of “Tequila” by the late great Danny Flores, the lyrics (exposing Trump’s many flaws) is by Kathy Bee.

“Past haunts will catch-up with you,” Bee explains when ask why she became interested in the Anti-Trump movement. “I have a history, a “close encounter” of the not so nice kind with Donald Trump.”

In 1979, Kathy Bee met befriended and eventually managed Mary Stevenson author of the poem Footprints In The Sand. Although Mary possessed her a handwritten version of Footprints dated 1939, help was needed to regain Mary’s authorship.  From the poem’s beginning, it had been unintentionally and unfairly signed as “Author Unknown” and sold.  In the late 80s others began to stake their claim on Footprints (as the author) and to receive royalties.

In the late 90s, Marla Maples Trump (Donald’s former wife) optioned a book written about Mary Stevenson’s life for a feature film deal. Even Donald’s mother, Mary Trump loved the poem and the project. Marla assured all of people connected to the project that Donald would come through by using his influence. The bragged that all Donald had to do was to make a phone call and Mary would be vindicated. Unfortunately that never happened. Donald’s reply was that he did not want to “waste a favor”. All deals were off! Both Marys have since passed away; Marla and Donald divorced and a lady who lives in Canada stills claims to be the author of the poem Footprints In The Sand (and is still receiving royalties).

Asked about Trump’s current position, Bee emphatically stated, “Donald was heartless then and he is more heartless today. Many Christians love the poem Footprints In The Sand and are saddened by the fact that an American poet, who was a true patriot was robbed! Trump promises to defend Christianity but spews comments of hatred and strife.”

Bee believes that music is the universal language that reaches people regardless of age, race, gender or ethnicity and that Donald Trump’s flaws can be easily exposed through this medium. As for her Footprints… Bee still plans on securing justice for Mary Stevenson. According to an article on the website, And Then I Carried You… Into Court, posted on June 2nd, 2008 by Derek Bambauer INFO/ LAW, “Others are claiming to have written Footprints In The Sand, even a Canadian lady named Margaret Powers. Mary Stevenson has the strongest case of ownership.”

In 2014 Kathy Bee wrote a book called Footsteps My Journey (Amazon) and is in pre-production for a future documentary. Through book signings and live performances, Bee also shares her message about Footprints. Bee’s current plans are to keep blanketing social media sites with her The Trump Dump Music Videos. If you would like to contribute to her campaign, go to Indiegogo The Trump Dump Video Campaign.

Kathy Bee Bio

From small town Bloomingburg, OH to Hollywood, CA, singer/songwriter Kathy Bee never dreamed her life would evolve around her favorite poem Footprints In The Sand. Over 30 years later, Kathy Bee shares her heart felt and sometimes painful story in her book Footsteps My Journey about Mary Stevenson, Marla and Donald Trump… broken promises and crushed dreams. But Kathy Bee is still not one to give up… Her faith in God is still leading her forward. Bee believes that truth will prevail. With a little help from her friends, Bee is planning a Footprints documentary and is currently launching an Indiegogo project called The Trump Dump Video Campaign…

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