Floormat.com Continues To Focus Efforts In A Green Direction

Floormat.com, leader in entrance mats, anti-slip tapes, heated mats, industrial matting, and pest control remains firm in their efforts to protect people and the environment. Their green strides are noteworthy and continue to be a main focus of their product lines.

Floormat.com’s green products lead the race in environmentally friendly design. Their products include all-natural commercial hand cleaners, photo luminescent exit signs, low energy heated mats, and carpet mats of recycled materials. Floormat.com has been in business about sixty years, specializing in custom floor matting, a heated floor mat, and safety solutions.

They began as a distributor of 3M Safety-Walk, a pressure sensitive anti-slip tape, and 3M floor matting products, but later expanded, becoming a distributor of all the major producers of anti-slip tapes and their matting products. They began creating special sizes, shapes, and creating their own anti-slip and matting products to meet their customer’s needs.

There are many uses for their anti-slip tape and treads. They’re great for construction sites and playgrounds because they prevent slips and falls, and works well even around oil, grease, and water, whether indoors or outdoors. Although they’re designed for safety by improving foot traction, they also draw visual attention to stair treads and other areas that may require special slip-resistance. Special cut pieces meet the needs of airline and other industrial applications, while the larger surface provides more friction in even the wettest areas, which are ideal for military, industrial, or commercial applications such as safety walks. They also provide glow in the dark safety tape for power outages, non-abrasive tape for showers, pools, and boats, and special safety floor mats for walk-in freezers, ramps, and cooking applications.

Floormat.com is the leader in the industry where mats are concerned as well. They offer plenty of options, from heated mats and entrance mats, to industrial, logo, and floor mats. The heated mats melt snow and ice while providing warmth. The entrance mats come in carpet and rubber for use indoors or out. And the industrial and floor mats can be used as any component of a mat system or to protect or decorate flooring.

The company is also concerned with providing eco-friendly green products. Floormat.com’s environmentally friendly products from recycled materials and also products that help reduce energy consumption. They provide a commercial all-natural hand cleaner as well as non-toxic pest control to repel birds, nuisance pets, and deer with natural, non-toxic materials. Their wide variety of heated floor mats eliminates the need for space heaters, while their photo luminescent eco exit signs use zero electricity and provide an environmentally friendly solution to building safety.

Floormat.com. is located in Willoughby, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Their website, http://www.floormat.com, provides more information such as details on all of the products they carry as well as their green products. It also allows the customer to order products directly from the site and the ability to contact them with any questions. Floormat.com is the largest distributor of 3M products and offers the best selection of slip-resistant safety and entrance mats, to specialty products and pest control, all while maintaining high standards. And they do this all while striving toward an environmentally friendly tomorrow!

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