Financial Market Expert Tim Blanchard Discusses His Vision of a Financial Super Mart

In years past equity products such as forex, binary options, stocks, bonds, futures and CFDs were only available from large banks and liquidity brokerage houses. Even today most liquidity providers and brokers only offer a single liquidity option to their clients, with the best deals reserved for the big players.

In the same way, technology companies specializing in the integration of financial trading platforms like LP Bridges and other tech solutions charge top dollar to further improve executable market depth. Financial firms are forced to search for the best deals in these separate industries to remain competitive in today’s market.

Instead of individually purchasing these financial products and services, Mr. Blanchard feels that a new and innovative approach is surfacing. One where a multitude of financial products, trading platform technologies and marketing services could be obtained at a discounted rate under one roof.

Like when you used to pay separately for your internet service, your house phone and cable TV. Then a new concept was born, “Bundle”.

Mr. Blanchard envisions an outlet where liquidity, financial technologies, MT4 and Binary Platforms could be tailored to the individual needs of established or start up financial trading companies. The operating cost would not be ala carte, but combined to reduce cost. It would be set up very much like a Super Mart, able to offer products at a reduced price due to their buying power.

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