Katherine Gaylord Posts Her Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Katherine Gaylord would like to ask for help for a project that she posted today on Kickstarter.com, and this project was titled “Tour the World Through the Eyes of a Local”. Tour the World would be providing the locals that special opportunity to show how beautiful and pleasing their hometown is to all travelers and this is also the chance for them to provide the vacationers with an inside view of the place.

Katherin Gaylord herself was so excited to complete this project for she knows that it will be a great help for the locals to entice the travelers to explore and discover the beauty and hidden charm of their hometown. Tour the World will serve as a great way for travelers as well to find other best tourist destinations anywhere in the world.

Tour the World would be designed primarily to gather and turn local inhabitants into tour guides. This project will be giving a special way for anyone to become a tour guide, and with this, they can give the travelers with a clear picture of the world. This will offer s host of features to all clients. The clients can choose their tour guide depending on the location, range, age and language. Also, they can develop an itinerary of their own depending on the available activities and events within the region.

Apart from that, they will be provided with the “Surprise Me” feature wherein the tour guide could make his or her own itinerary then show them around depending on the general listing of personal likes and hobbies given to him or her by the clients. Also, the clients can have the chance to have more formal tours for monuments and other attractions or they can choose having more personal tours consisting of family dinner, local party with friends and so on. This way, a traveler will be no longer on his or her own in the globe and he or she will have a companion or friend to guide him or her in exploring the must-seen attractions.

So far, the project is on progress and Katherine Gaylord expects for more financial assistance to ensure the success of this project. She has more than 2 weeks left to raise the needed amount to complete the project.

To know more about Tour the World, please visit:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Katherine Gaylord
Email: katherine.gaylord.10@cnu.edu
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tourtheworld/tour-the-world-through-the-eyes-of-a-local/?ref=1bmc.org