Downriver Cleanup and Restoration Offer Guaranteed Water Damage Removal Service for Area With Heavy Snowfall.

Downriver Cleanup and Restoration Company offer water damage solutions, mold remediation and carpet cleaning in Michigan. The company reported that as the result of high snowfall during this winter season many residential and commercial properties are facing the problem of water seepage and water damage as a result, the company’s emergency water damage restoration and cleanup service have been specially created to meet the needs of customers in the area.

The water damage experts at the company understand that some areas of Michigan are especially susceptible to problems such as water damage to properties in summer and winter seasons, either from flooding from rains or due to snowfall. Water damage is a serious problem which damages the structural integrity of a property and also gives way to health problems from mold growth, the experts’ advice people in Michigan to treat water damage as soon as possible to limit the damage from growing further. “When water or moisture is discovered in a place or space in your home or business unexpectedly, immediate action is required.  The scope of the water damage is likely to increase exponentially as the moisture seeps further into your property.  This is an emergency water damage situation from our standpoint at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration.” The company spokesperson said of their services.

The company has helped countless customers in the Michigan and adjoining areas, and has received many positive reviews that praise the Downriver Restoration’s professionalism, reliability and competence. The company also offers a 100% mold and water removal success rate. They offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services for furniture and carpets that have been ruined due to water damage.

Laura Hipshire, a satisfied of Downriver cleanup and restoration services wrote in her review: “I live in Taylor, Michigan, and called Downriver Cleanup & Restoration over the summer when flooding hit the area. They arrived promptly and did an extremely professional job, removing all the water from my basement, thoroughly drying my property, and cleaning my carpeting and upholstery. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for help with mold removal, water removal, fire restoration, and emergency cleanup assistance.”

About Us: Downriver is the #1 Flood and Fire Repair Specialist, on call 24/7 to respond to all of your cleanup and restoration needs.   We guarantee we will arrive at your home or business in 30 minutes or less.  Our experts are trained in every area of residential and commercial repair following property damage as a result of a flood, storm, plumbing malfunction, or fire. For more information, please visit:

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