Fynes Audiology Ambitious To Give Quality Hearing Aids In 2016

3 Mar, 2016 – Auditory and sense of perception shapes up everyday life, it is truly a gift to be able to discern the sound of silence, its loss lead to the familiar becoming unfamiliar. Sadly people with an impaired auditory sense are often isolated and are even, in worse case scenarios sent to be “conditioned” without proper diagnosis.

Clarity with auditory sense not only develops sensibility, but also develops physical balance to develop relations and the ease of communication without which the feelings of loneliness spiral into depression and alienation if treatment and necessary diagnosis is not sought at the right moment.

Loss of hearing are of different types and the toll it takes on one varies accordingly. Conductive hearing loss, rarely severe, blocks sound waves before reaching the inner ear. Sensorineural Hearing Loss is one type where the inner ear is damaged with either time progression or other factors.

Before such issues find permanence in one’s life making anger and frustration a part of our psyche coupled with the emotional turmoil of not being able to communicate, the dedicated team of Audiologists, Dr. Cassandra M. Fynes (Au.D. CCC-A) and Dr. Roger Knighton (M.N.S., CCC-A) combine state of the art technology with updated training bring the most effective training to establish medical prognosis treat hearing loss by furthering their academic knowledge and contact with major manufacturers of audiory aid.

The team at Fynes Audiology believes that every being lacking auditory sense has the right to express fully as those endowed fully. We treat our patients as people to bring a sense of balance and positive difference in their lives leaving no stone unturned. Each life is important as we fortify our belief in the idea of not one less. Our diagnosis is by all means qualitative and comprehensive.

To know in detail about our work visit us at http://www.fynesaudiology.com/ or call (480)-456-0176.

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