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Offshore Reviews based in Panama City, Panama, has become a one-stop solution for clients seeking offshore service providers.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – 3 Mar, 2016 – Now that has launched their unique web portal offering reviews of a plethora of offshore banking service providers. Not only is this one-stop solution great for potential clients, but it also presents an exceptional opportunity for all offshore service providers to list their firms and have a steady flow of potential prospects. Instead of bouncing around the Internet looking for offshore providers, such as: Offshore Incorporators, Registered Agents, Offshore Banks, Offshore Brokerages, Legal Services, Offshore Precious Metals, and more, now it is only necessary to go to one main site and get the required information.  In the offshore banking industry, due diligence is of critical importance, and the new site certainly simplifies the process. 

The site is really the personification of a “Win-Win” situation. Potential clients can literally save thousands of dollars by “shopping” their offshore needs. One of the unique features of the site is its Feedback System. There is no other place to go to find user Feedback on Offshore Service Providers. Searching the Internet to find an offshore banking services provider is not going to reveal what actual clients think about that firm. If they had a good experience, it will be so noted. If they had a terrible experience they can share it with the world. Offshore Services Vendors can position themselves at the top of their category by simply taking good care of their clients so they can garner positive feedback. 

Firms that provide offshore banking and other services can become a Premium Member. They will have an advantage in increasing their company’s credibility, online reputation and bottom line. A company spokesperson explains: “Up until now there has not been any way for consumers interested in opening an offshore bank account, forming an offshore company or trust, making offshore investments, purchasing and storing precious metals offshore, etc. etc. to obtain reviews about businesses they may be interested in patronizing. For example if a business in the United States decides to open an offshore subsidiary in the British Virgin Islands, there are over 300 companies that provide this service. And prices can range from less than $1000 to over $10,000 for the same product. Consumers, until now, had no means of choosing or knowing the reputation of businesses in the industry. We plan to change that.”

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