FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – 3 Mar, 2016 – Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of American Recruiting & Consulting Group (ARC Group), announced this morning another strategic partnership with a multi-national construction and military equipment company. With this partnership, Recruitment Intelligence™ is conducting several searches throughout the mid-west, finding qualified, vetted candidates to fill current hiring needs.

Recruitment Intelligence™ will be heavily focusing on the 85% of the passive candidate pool who are not actively looking for a job, but are open to new opportunities when presented with them.

“We are turning the recruitment industry on its head and showing clients an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional recruitment fees,” says Gregg Podalsky, President. “Executives in charge of hiring are so impressed by our unique concept, that they want to jump on board after seeing how much money they can save if they just make one hire.   When potential clients have multiple similar disciplines to fill, their cost per hire drops so dramatically, trying to recruit on their own doesn’t make financial sense any longer, and they engage us to do their hiring.”

ARC Group now has 19 offices around the country to handle the demand for its trademarked search solution, Recruitment Intelligence™.  “Recruitment Intelligence™ is not only saving large multi-national clients tens of thousands of dollars in staffing fees, but is also making recruiting solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses that previously couldn’t afford them,” says Gregg Podalsky. Recruitment Intelligence™ is the cost-effective alternative to traditional recruitment firms, staffing agencies and executive search firms.

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About Recruitment Intelligence™

Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group founded in 1982, handles searches in 19 offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, West Palm Beach, Austin, Chicago, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Raleigh and Tampa. Clients receive a detailed report of qualified, vetted candidates, salary and benefits data, and recorded video interviews of potential candidates.

Companies of all sizes are benefiting from this innovative, cost effective solution that other recruitment agencies, temp agencies, staffing companies and executive search firms do not offer. No matter what your hiring needs, Recruitment Intelligence™ can help you secure the talent you need, more cost effectively than you ever thought possible.

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