Rheos Gear Presents Floating Sunglasses Priced for Adventure

ATLANTA, GA – Mar 7, 2016 – From kayakers to kite boarders, anglers to alpinists, outdoor explorers of all varieties can look forward to the most affordable, durable and comfortable floating sunglasses on the market. The new All-Terrain Floating Sunglasses line from Rheos Gear achieves a rare combination of quality and price, designed specifically for outdoor and watersport enthusiasts. Pre-orders are currently being accepted on the Rheos website and first shipments will be delivered before the first day of spring on March 20.

“No one likes to lose expensive shades. But the reality is we can’t afford to leave our sunglasses on the sidelines, especially when near water or snow where reflected UV Rays can be up to twice as harmful to your eyes,” said Jake Berton, founder of Rheos Gear. “As adventure addicts, we realized it was crazy that we had to stop and think whether we could afford to take our sunglasses on any given excursion. We want you to stop protecting your sunglasses and let them protect you.”

Rheos is committed to delivering a great product at an accessible price to combat the over inflated prices in the industry. Some conglomerates dominate the industry by owning and controlling both brands and retailers. Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes dedicated an entire episode to this issue called “Why Are Glasses So Expensive“.

Available in both Lifestyle and Sport frame styles, Rheos floating sunglasses are designed to handle wear and tear on land and water. The frame designs are made of ultra lightweight TPX® material to achieve a floating frame without compromising durability. All lenses have anti-scratch and premium polarization technology, which eliminates glare and enhances colors, making them ideal for watersports, boating, fishing, cycling, and even everyday driving.

To learn more or place a pre-order visit www.rheosgear.com where early adopters are eligible for an Original Explorer discount at $39 per shade. Standard MSRP is $49.


Founded in 2015, Rheos Gear is a sunglasses and apparel company based in Atlanta, Ga. Rheos is the Greek word for river current: constantly flowing, constantly changing. That is why the Rheos mission is to help people discover and enjoy our world’s natural beauty throughout the seasons.

Learn more about Rheos Gear’s non-profit partnerships and product offerings, including the new line of floating sunglasses, at rheosgear.com

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