New Ridesharing Service Zogu Becomes The First Service Not To Charge Drivers Commission

Ridesharing services help consumers to reduce the amount they pay to be driven to their destination. While other ridesharing services charge the driver a fee, Zogu has introduced 0% commission.

A new ridesharing service has shocked other similar services around the world by announcing they will not be charging their drivers a fee. While other ridesharing services around the world such as Uber, Lyft, and Hailo charge drivers commission ranging from 20%, Zogu believes the drivers should keep all the money they earn.

Zogu wanted to provide an affordable ridesharing service where passengers could receive a professional service at a much lower price than taxi companies could provide. They also wanted a way for their drivers to keep more of the money they earn. The founder of Zogu decided not to charge their drivers commission, which means lower charges for the passengers while the driver keeps all of the money.

The announcement by Zogu has sent shockwaves through the ridesharing industry, with many of them losing drivers to the 0% commission service. With there being no commission being charged it will now generate more drivers offering ridesharing services, which means lower transportation charges for passengers. The 0% commission has become such a huge hit with drivers 4208 have signed up in New York City and 1012 in California. These numbers are set to increase with more drivers becoming fed up of paying out high fees, meaning little profit.

A spokesman for Zogu said: “We spoke to drivers from other ridesharing services, and one thing they complained about was the high commission charges. They felt there was little profit to be made, so we decided we wanted to be different and let the drivers keep all the money they earn.”

The company, which was set up in 2014 intends to expand to other destinations around the world where passengers can reduce the cost of transportation while drivers can make a real income from their ridesharing service. Since being launched, Zogu has quickly become one of the most recommended ridesharing services with the low prices being offered and the professional service given to passengers.

Zogu plan to expand their ridesharing services to Europe and Asia within the next three months, making them one of the fastest expanding services in the world.

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About Zogu

Zogu was launched in 2014 to provide a professional ridesharing service. They generate their revenue by charging the gas stations where their taxi drivers buy gas a fee. They are covering approximately 90% of all New York City gas stations.

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