“Strong Garlic Press” Launched As A Perfect Present With Exclusive Recipe eBook

Launched as a useful, high quality, effective and stylish product, Strong Garlic Press has turned out to be a perfect present for mothers and other loved ladies of the house. Adding on to it, the company has provided an exclusive recipe eBooks to its customers as a member’s only product.

Kitchen is that part of the house where the most important task, cooking, takes place. Now cooking does need a lot of work to be done which can get hectic. “Strong Garlic Press” has been launched as a product to make the task a bit easier. This high quality product made from 100% food grade stainless steel come in a stylish design and strong structure that needs minimal effort to squeeze. The company has added their recipe eBook to the products which will be available exclusively to their garlic press customers.

“We know how much efforts are to be put in order to cook tasty food. We intended to ease down the work a bit and out strong garlic press does exactly the same. With its high efficiency, it makes pressing unpeeled garlic and even ginger much easier. It’s a perfect gift for the loved ones,” the company officials said.

Reportedly, the product is made from high quality stainless steel which makes it strong and durable. “We have made sure that the construction is strong so this will not peel off, weaken in joints, fell apart or rust,” the company representatives told. They added that the product has been designed with utmost precision to prevent spilling or trapping of the garlic while pressing it. They said, “With its stylish design, it is being used by everyone, whether it is a mom-at-home or professional chefs.”

As told, the ergonomically designed garlic press comes with a user-friendly, strong and comfortable grip that minimizes the effort required to press the garlic. With the overall dimensions of 7.8X2.9X1.3 inches and a total weight of 8.8 ounces, the product is compact, light to use and easy to clean.

The makers have also introduced a recipe eBook especially for their strong garlic press club members. “To our entire customer base who has bought out Strong Garlic Press, it is a gift from us,” the company official told while talking about the recipe eBook. As further reported, the company has put in great efforts in making their eBook project better with every passing day. The project is under constant progress. They are also working on a section that allows customers’ recipes to be added. Their aim is to make it better than the best in coming future.

The company is confident about the quality and efficiency of their new product. Made available at Amazon, they have provided a lifetime satisfaction guarantee to all their customers.

More information can be obtained from their website at: www.stronggarlicpress.com

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