Press Release – 2014 International Conference: Working Towards Bully-Free Workplaces Begins to Break the Silence

Starting the conversation on workplace harassment, bullying and a toxic work environment is vital to begin to move the meter of awareness and action on these too long silent situations. This was the focus of the 2014 Int’l Conference; Working Towards a Bully-Free Workplace. #BullyFreeWorkplace was the conference Twitter hash tag. Speakers and presenters came from around the world to report on studies, share experiences and gain insights into addressing this condition that depletes organizations of their effectiveness. Paul Anthony Bernard, Managing Director of QuizzPoint Corporationwas pleased to participate in the June 11-13, 2014 Conference.

Mr Bernard presented a workshop and Interactive Session on the current landscape of the workplace, including the roles of stress, culture, demographics and the marketplace issues.The sharing of experiences and discussions will assist participants to build a framework for engagement in their working environments while handling the issues with a sense of brevity maintaining the dignity the subject deserves.

QuizzPoint Corporation develops online software tools designed for growing small to mid size businesses. Two of these platforms support efforts to train and communicate for compliance and governance with harassment regulations. The company’s aim is to help organizations protect their people with a safe, private communication channel while they protect

Quizzpoint ( ) is a Hands Free training, verification and administrative tool with a full communication suite, which clients and their employees can access at their convenience. The client can control the tool directly if they choose as well.

HelpPoint ( ) is an online, completely safe tool for clients who wish to enable their employees to reach out at a time and place in which they feel comfortable and secure. It sends instant notifications and can be configured with an anonymity feature.

The three main issues pertaining to harassment (abuse, bullying, sexual harassment, which negatively impact organizations are 1) reduction in productivity 2) loss of quality employees and 3) potential legal ramifications. The last one is getting a great deal of attention these days. It is no longer an option to look the other way and hope issues just go away.

Technology can assist greatly. So too can it create additional issues. Social media allows the public to see behind the curtain if unhappy employee(s) who feel mistreated and mistrust their organization turn to it to express their views. Slander laws provide little protection As we are becoming aware, internet content is like a mustard stain, once it is on … very hard to remove. So it is crucial for every organization provide an easily accessible connection to improve communication between employer and employee. This builds trust and a stronger work environment.

Most importantly the silence that has surrounded workplace harassment needs to be overcome, by simply beginning to talk and listen. Mr. Bernard using himself as the pincushion brings some brevity to a difficult conversation in a manner that enables recognition and can begin the steps to mitigate existing issues or prevent them from taking a foothold.

You may contact Paul through QuizzPoint Corporation 1-800-910-4530 (416-996-6290) or by visiting to engage assistance with ending the silence.

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