Addiction Affects the Entire Family, Strains Relationships, Says Chapters Capistrano

The impact of addiction can be felt across the entire family, not just those in active addiction, warns Chapters Capistrano. Treatment is key to rebuilding relationships.

Addiction is a condition that has a widespread effect. Even those who do not have a substance use disorder are still exposed to the negative consequences and feel the impact in their own lives. Children can be especially vulnerable as they may be too young to really understand what is happening. San Diego area rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding the impact of addiction on the family and the benefits of treatment.

“Substance use disorders affect the entire family,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of the California rehab center. “They can lead to trouble with relationships, finances, health, careers, and more. Children can sense when things aren’t right, even if the parent tries to hide it. It can lead to a very unstable environment because the child never knows what kind of mood their parent will be in or what to expect.”

The person in active addiction may go from being pleasant one minute to easily angered over something the next. Their actions can be unpredictable or out of the ordinary and other family members may feel embarrassed or ashamed about their loved one’s behavior. They may try to downplay or hide it from others.

A recent article points out three unspoken rules that tend to develop: the Don’t Talk Rule, the Don’t Trust Rule, and the Don’t Feel Rule. Essentially addiction is not talked about inside or outside of the home and is kept a secret as much as possible. Erratic behavior leads to broken promises and family members quickly lose trust and have difficulty believing what the person in active addiction says because they rarely follow through. And finally, children try to stifle their feelings about addiction and it may come out through negative behaviors instead.

“Families dealing with addiction may feel like they’re all alone, but they’re not,” says Shea. “There are drug and alcohol rehab facilities like Chapters that provide support not only for the person in active addiction, but also for their family. Family programs help everyone to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment and work on changes to rebuild relationships. There are also support groups in the community specifically for family members and friends so that they can connect with others who understand firsthand what they’re going through.”

Addiction treatment can allow the person to identify and cope with underlying issues contributing to their substance use, adds Shea. They will learn healthy strategies for dealing with stress and challenging situations, as well as techniques for managing their own physical, mental, and emotional health to prevent relapse.

“Change is possible,” asserts Shea. “Families can create stronger bonds and relationships in recovery and turn things around for the better. Addiction doesn’t have to put a damper on their future. In recovery, parents can become better role models for their children and help to prevent them from developing substance use disorders as they get older.”

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