Now available on Amazon with a lifetime guarantee

Baby Wrap Wrapy, a revolutionary product that gives parents priceless freedom while nurturing their baby, is now available on Amazon with a lifetime guarantee. Designed to make it possible for parents to stay busy and on the go with an infant, Baby Wrap Wrapys are redefining what it means for parents to easily and effectively protect and love their children today.

“We modeled this product after maternity methods that have been relevant for thousands of years,” said Guy Snir, Baby Wrap Wrapy CEO. “Since the beginning of time, mothers have been carrying their children with them as they were forced to migrate from village to village. Our product brings parenting back to the basics, and establishes an unbreakably close bond between you and your child.”

The Baby Wrap Wrapy is just one singular piece of wide fabric, making it incredibly durable and versatile. The wrap design allows it to be used for many different baby-carrying positions while providing comfort and convenience for the parent.  It is 95% cotton/5% spandex and machine washable, allowing busy parents to ensure it stays clean for their children.

“We have a lifetime guarantee included with the Baby Wrap Wrapy because it is the most inexpensive and cost effective baby-bearing option out there today,” said Guy. “This wrap will substitute the need to buy countless strollers, chairs, pens, and boosters. This basic and easy to use wrap is going to transform baby nurturing methods, and bring it back to a simple maternity approach – we guarantee it.”

The wrap is a one size fits all sling, allowing every body type and size to use it for convenient transportation.

Today on Amazon, interested consumers can find the Baby Wrap Wrapy in four different colors for a very affordable price of $34.95. So far, the Baby Wrap Wrapy has faired amazingly with new and prospective parents.

“This is a great way to carry baby around with you and not have to worry. It’s made out of a very comfortable material that is soft to the touch, so it feels good for you and the baby. It’s stretchy and size adjustable. It’s very easy to put on and use and it’s an extremely secure so you don’t worry when you’re wearing it. This is a great way to be hands-free and still keep your baby safe and close to your heart,” said Amazon reviewer.

Consider purchasing a Baby Wrap Wrapy for the ultimate convenient and safe baby-bearing experience. Available today on Amazon, a “Potty Training” eBook gift will also be included with the purchase.

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