RFID Blocking Tech Company Hugh B Hamilton Delighted With Response to Launch Of Blocking Wallet for Men

Tech Company Announces Results of Customer Feedback

RFID Blocking Wallet Manufacturer Hugh B Hamilton today announced that they were delighted by the response they have received to their recent product launch of an RFID blocking wallet for men designed to provide security protection to customers credit cards from theft by criminals using scanning technology to steal the information emitted by cards that use RFID, (Radio Frequency Identification).

RFID has become commonplace in the credit card industry over recent years as card providers use the technology to provide ‘contactless payment’ options with their cards. The downside of this form of payment is that the credit cards enabled to be used for contactless payments are constantly emitting the customers details by radio waves and anyone with the correct scanning device can ‘steal’ the information without the owners even knowing about it.

In response to this growing problem Hugh B Hamilton is leading the way in providing a wallet containing a metal mesh incorporated into the all leather design that creates what is known as a ‘Faraday Cage’. The cage is then sufficient to block the low emitting frequencies emitted by the credit cards making them unreadable to potential theft.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We are delighted with how the new wallet has been received by customers. We tried to make a stylish designed, all leather wallet that men would find attractive and easy to use and then we added the necessary security element so that you wouldn’t be able to tell it from any other ‘normal wallet’. As with all product launches, you are never sure that it has been successful until you actually market the product to the public and it is their views that count the most.”

Here are some of the comments left by reviewers on Amazon USA:

“I have ordered a few wallets on Amazon and I have to say, out of all of them, this is the one I liked most. The quality is very nice, it seems well made and durable. I haven’t seen any blemishes or had any issues with the make of the wallet. The size is perfect, it is slim and fits comfortably in a pocket or bag. This is lined with RFID blocking material which is the cherry on top, it will help protect your credit cards, IDs, licenses, and information from thieves.”

Absolutely stunning! From the moment I opened the box, I could see that this wallet is high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

The leather feel and smell like top grade leather. The beautiful logo “stamped” on the side make it feels very high end product.

My husband and I have both been victims of identity theft and credit card fraud. We can feel more at ease with this wallet, knowing we are better protected. What’s wonderful about this wallet is you would never know about its protective quality from looking at it from the outside. It looks like another quality leather wallet – just what we were looking for!

Quality of the wallet is beyond expectation. A real find for someone who has been looking for “the  wallet”. The RFID blocking seems to be pretty good. My work badge would work through my old wallet with no issues. I now need to take it out to swipe in.

My husband LOVES this wallet. It is by far the best one that he has owned in a while!

The RFID Blocking wallet for men is available on Amazon USA and also on EBay AUS. The all leather stylish wallet features the embossed emblem of makers Hugh B Hamilton, contains six slots for credit cards and an identity card pouch as well as cash sleeves and has integrated mesh technology to protect the users’ credit cards against identity theft.

For a limited period the wallet may be found at a discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


Hugh B. Hamilton are a family firm of manufacturers and distributors of RFID blocking devices including the RFID blocking wallet for men, sold exclusively on Amazon (US) and eBay Australia.

For more information please see the contact details below or go to the website at http://hughbhamilton.com/

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