Qiaohou Announces Ground-Breaking Anti-Aging Cell Intelligence

Active Cell Intelligence Revolutionizes Building Blocks of Life For Unlimited Industry Potential

SINGAPORE – Today, Qiaohou announced their ground-breaking discovery of “Anti-Aging Cell Intelligence.” The company which has brought to market the cutting-edge product, Qiaohou Miracle Essence, is adding AI (Artificial Intelligence) Molecules to its line of anti-aging offerings.

Artificial Intelligence Cells can be programmed to enhance the function of existing cells without having to use harmful chemicals in any form. Because the molecules are completely free from synthetic chemicals, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and other harmful pollutants, everyday products are better for general health and can be designed to optimally function, delivering pure anti-aging properties.

According to Owner and Third Generation CEO Jack Shieh, “We could see a significant cost savings in the manufacturing and distribution of prescription and OTC skincare. Medicines may be easier to formulate and less expensive to produce. With our active cell intelligence, we believe prices will be brought down significantly to benefit the mass market of consumers, truly benefiting everyone on this planet.” 

Consumers are inundated by chemicals – preservatives, additives, stabilizers and unrecognizable formulaic names in food, cosmetics, medicine, agriculture and home products. According to The Guardian, the average woman applies 168 chemicals every day. The AI molecules are programmed to help the natural stay natural, yet boost the beneficial effects across the board.

“We want to offer consumers a whole new kind of choice when it comes to cosmetics,” said Jack Shieh, CEO of Qiaohou. “Women are literally poisoning themselves in order to look a certain way. It’s not necessary. Natural products are better, anyway. This is the challenge we’ve taken on with Qiaohou Miracle Essence and AI molecules.”

The product is designed to offer the planet an alternative to commercial and synthetic products, which are linked to cancer deaths and widespread environmental pollution. 

Qiaohou is a family business with more than three generations of sustainable farming of edible birds’ nests.

For more information go to www.qiaohou.life/blog or https://twitter.com/Qiaohou_life.

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