Start-Up Merchant Services Company Wolf Processing Help Businesses Become EMV Compliant

The new EMV compliant regulations came into force in October 2015. Over 60% of businesses in America are not protecting themselves against credit card fraud liability. Wolfe Processing is offering to help businesses that are not EMV compliant to safeguard their business as well as providing lower processing fees.

Wolfe Processing ( is a start-up merchant services company that helps businesses in America to become EMV compliant. They offer some of the best and lowest merchant processing rates while providing EMV compliant terminals.

Businesses in America that have not become EMV compliant are putting their business at risk according to Wolfe Processing. Since the new regulations came into force on 1st October 2015, any business that is subjected to credit card fraud and is not EMV compliant will have to absorb the financial loss. That means a business future could be at risk by losing tens of thousands of dollars each time criminals target them.

Reports have suggested that criminals who once targeted people on the street are now turning to online fraud and credit card fraud for their illegal financial gains. That is bad news for consumers and businesses who are targeted on a daily basis. In 2015, more than $190 billion was lost in the United States to criminals who were committing credit card fraud. Although that did not have any financial impact on most businesses trading in America, it will have now.

The new regulations were brought in to make it harder for criminals to commit credit card fraud. Before the regulations came into force, banking and financial institutions were responsible for most of the loss, but now, any business who is not EMV compliant will have to deal with that financial loss. That means businesses are now at risk of going bust if they continue to be targeted by criminals. To avoid this, Wolfe Processing wants to help businesses to become compliant by providing new hardware and offering their professional experience.

Wolfe Processing is also able to help businesses lower the cost of their credit card processing fees. They have gained a reputation for helping clients gain some of the lowest fees available.

A spokesman for Wolfe Processing said: “It is important to become EMV compliant. The new rules and regulations were brought in to bring businesses together to fight crime. However, those that are not compliant will have to repay any financial loss due to credit card crime.”

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Wolf Processing are experts in helping businesses to become EMV compliant as well as reducing their transaction fees.

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