PRO-DIP Innovates with First Nutritional Dip Pouch

NEW YORK, NY – 8 Mar, 2016 – 

PRO-DIP – The first nutritional supplement dip pouches.

The patent-pending PRO-DIP is the world’s first 100% tobacco and nicotine free healthy supplement pouch. PRO-DIP is formulated with great tasting, nutritious powder blends in a filtered two gram dip pouch. The dipf pouches are designed to maximize nutrient uptake and absorption in the mouth in a hands-free, time-released fashion. PRO-DIP is a highly innovative performance supplement as well as a healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco.

In 2015, Peter St Lawrence, Founder and CEO of PRO-DIP, recognized the growing negative health issues related to use of smokeless tobacco on the collegiate sports level, particularly in his background sport of football. As government institutions and college campuses ban smoking use, an upward trend to smokeless tobacco use has taken hold. With a strong personal conviction to healthy living and an entrepreneurial drive to make a positive difference, he decided to take action. His actions have resulted in a new healthy, vitamin/supplement delivery system, in the form of a dip pouch.

St. Lawrence stated in a recent interview.  “The opportunity to impact millions of lives for the better is a feeling that is hard to describe. It is a beautiful mixture of overwhelming excitement and true gratitude. I am humbled by the enormity of it all, equaled only by our team’s passion and drive to see this product’s potential met.  This invention is at least 20 years overdue. The world is ready for it, and the implications of that are infinite. We are on the brink of stardom, looking out at something bigger than all of us. There is no other place I’d rather be than here… and nothing else I would rather be doing than this.”

Starting in 2016 season, smokeless tobacco will be banned in three Major League Baseball parks: Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Fenway Park in Boston and AT&T Park in San Francisco. In these stadiums players will be barred for using smokeless tobacco both on the field and in the clubhouse. During the 2015 MLB season, the players’ union retained consultant, Dr. Michael Steinberg, who is the Director of the Rutgers University Tobacco-dependence program. Dr. Steinberg served to help players and club employees who wanted to quit using smokeless tobacco.

In a market long saturated with the traditional forms of supplements (powders/capsules/pills/tablets/gummies), PRO-DIP offers a completely new and highly convenient way for a person to take their supplements, especially while they are performing. Furthermore, it is a cross over alternative for dippers to turn a negative habit into a positive one. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are currently 9,000,000 smokeless tobacco users in the United States alone, and that it kills close to 250,000 people annually around the world.

PRO-DIP pouches are small, semi-permeable sachets that you place in your mouth, or between your lip and gum, as if you were nursing an after dinner mint. You quickly get the initial release of the supplements followed by the extended absorption through normal digestion. A lot of people do not know this but, the first stage of digestion begins with the saliva in our mouths. PRO-DIP pouches harness the ability to start absorption before reaching the rest of our digestive system.

The PRO-DIP Product Line is available online via shopify at

Six Products with a purpose:

1. ION – for energy & focus
2. RAW – with protein for tissue development and repair
3. VITE – as a multivitamin
4. ELITE – with beta alanine for pre-workout
5. META – as an antioxidant
6. CHILL – with melatonin for relaxation and  sleep in the evening

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