Perpetual Doom\’s a Darkly Comedic Short Film Series-Another Project Launch on Kickstarter

Perpetual Doom, group of talented artists significantly exploring the darkly comedic side launches a campaign on Kickstarter with an aim of raising funds for the new short film series.

The group explores the wit in instability as well as comic absurdity of damaged characters within the decaying society. This group recently launches a campaign on Kickstarter to accumulate funds for the comedic and new short film series. Perpetual Doom also focuses on common anxieties, fears and other real life experiences.

Some individuals may not be familiar with Perpetua Dome but many are still aware that they are the talented group behind successful film projects. The groups have been closely working together for many years now on series of film-related projects. The highlights of their works include the “With Totino’s You’re Never Alone. This is a short glimpse on humdrum life of a young guy in throes of quarter-life crisis as this person search for nourishment in manufactured pizza rolls.

Another project the group worked on in the previous years is “Say You Wanna Dance”, a very interesting and cinematic ode to the late music icon Whitney Houston. This reveals devastating toll that monotony takes on broken and failing relationships. The dialogue of this film is mainly composed of Houston’s famous songs’ “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” lyrics.

The group just recently completed their works on “Vom-Pocket”. This is the very first short film presented by Perpetual Doom. This tells about a story of the most uninhibited and illustrious public-purging accessory known as Vom Pocket. There are other short films that the group plans to shoot in the future but before this happens, they are in need of support and help.

“The Medium Touch” is one horror-comedy hybrid which takes paranormal investigation and reality TV format. This hybrid executes elements of classic real events dramatizations and common cooking shows. “I’m Your Guy” also relates the story about a former actor, Lionel Guy. He witnessed mainstream success playing Detective Dingus. Decades later, there is now a recluse on rundown apartment so Lionel makes himself ready for rare appearance on public. Interested individuals who have the desire to take part on the success of this project are advised to give their support and help to Perpetual Doom and help in spreading Doom.

The group is humbly asking individuals’ support to their endeavor. Any help that individuals in the Kickstarter communities wish to extend will surely be a big help and contribution to let their objectives materialize. Perpetual Doom will be able to create more films on their short film series given the necessary help and support on this pursuit.

The campaign is designed to raise money that will be used for the production and other related expenses during the creation and production of the two short films namely “Medium Touch” and “I’m Your Guy”. The Perpetual Doom team is composed of dedicated and talented people namely John Nobbs, Louis Crisitello, Jr, Mike Castronova, Frank Cole, Eric Terino, John Chludzinski, , Rosie Parsons and Pam Nobbs who work as one to achieve their goals.

The group offers amazing, exclusive and exceptionally cool rewards and other Perpetual Doom related stuff and merchandise to all individuals who will donate. These rewards include posters, production credits, t-shirts that are so stylish and made from soft fabric and more. Interested individuals looking for specific information about the rewards linked with every level of individual pledge can visit the group’s Kickstarter page.

Some may ask where the donated money will go and this question was clearly answered by the group. Some of the money accumulated through this Kickstarter campaign will be used to cover festival submission and purchasing better equipment like lights, mic and cameras. These are essential tools needed in order to make future projects even more interesting and mind blowing.

The funds will also be used to cover some marketing cost which includes getting Perpetual Doom a solid online presence. The group created the site, the content and they basically need professional to guide them as they take the journey towards being a legit production company. This is actually their long time goal.

Launching their project in Kickstarter is one way for the group to turn their ideas and dreams to reality. Perpetual Doom is a group of talented artists that combine their God given talents in order to produce shorter films focusing on bizarre in a more comic way. These are exciting and fresh dark comedies that take in common phobias, anxieties and many other depressing experiences. Now, the Perpetual Doom decided to launch this project on Kickstarter to accumulate funds for their worthy venture which concentrates on darkly, comedic and short film series.

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