Text-To-Speech Freeware Enables Computers Speak With Natural Voices

Text to speech software Panopreter Basic reads text with natural voices and converts the text to mp3 and wav audio files.

Milpitas, CA – Panopreter.com, the innovative software provider has released Panopreter Basic, the free text-to-speech software program for Windows users, with improved features as well as other exciting operational enhancements. The software changes the way people interact with information on their computer and how they use, share and create documents, people can listen to spoken speech instead of reading on screen, so they are able to sit back and enjoy the convenience of listening to files, books and other documents. It is useful for business people, educators, students, writers, language learners and those with visual or vocal impairment, or learning disabilities.

Featured with its intuitive user interface, Panopreter Basic not only reads text aloud with natural and clear voices, but also converts the text to wav and mp3 audio files. Users can easily convert their text material into natural-sounding spoken speech, and listen to the spoken speech by ear on a PC, or export the audio files to a portable device, such as iPod, mobile phone or any other portable mp3 players for listening later at their convenience. People using this freeware program will be pleasantly surprised to see just how much it can do.

The main features of Panopreter Basic include:
– Read characters, words, phrases, paragraphs or longer text aloud and convert them to spoken audio files.
– Read text file, rft file, MS word document and web page.
– Convert written text or files to audio files in wav and mp3 file formats, batch file conversion supported.
– Highlight the word or sentence being read.
– Customize voice volume and speed.
– Play music when it finishes reading the text.
– Support a wide variety of languages and voices.

Although Panopreter Basic has many powerful features, it is user friendly and extremely simple to use, all the functionalities are available with just a few mouse button clicks. With this software, you are able to make your own audio book on your Windows machine. The software supports a wide variety of text to speech language and voices. It user interface supports 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Simplified. All these features guarantee that Panopreter Basic users worldwide receive a high-quality and thrilling text-to-voice tool. It is absolutely an effective and flexible solution for people to process their daily digital information. More information can be found online at www.panopreter.com

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