Dynamic Features Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Original, Suspense-Filled Horror Film

Indie film company seeks $150,000 from crowdfunders to make movie, titled ‘Evil in Her’

LOS ANGELES – An emerging independent filmmaker from India is seeking support through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for a new feature horror film, titled “Evil in Her.” 

Arun Konda and his company, Dynamic Features LLC, need just $150,000 to make the film, which has been co-written by Konda and Rick Hansberry. The script for the proposed horror film hits hard on a number of human emotions, including shock, suspense and romance—among others. 

“We are thrilled about the potential of ‘Evil in Her’ and look forward to making this movie,” said Konda. “The script has been written and we have a great plan in place—the only thing left to do is get the funding to move ahead with shooting. We are offering crowdfunders on Kickstarter an opportunity to be involved in a very exciting indie project, one that we believe will have a tremendous impact across the globe.” 

The plot of “Evil in Her” focuses on the spirits of several young women who have been brutally murdered and who are seeking revenge on their killers. They do their work through the body of Sara, an unsuspecting newlywed. Sara’s husband must navigate a terrifying sequence of murder, exorcism and revenge as he races to solve the murders and bring the killers to justice. However, after the killers have been identified, Sara and her husband must stave off her demonic possession before she murders again. 

Konda hopes to begin shooting in Los Angeles immediately after reaching his Kickstarter funding goal of $150,000 for the project. He aims to release the film worldwide in late 2016. 

Born in India, Konda moved to the United States in 2007 and began his filmmaking career in 2011. His first short film was “Anger,” and he soon followed it up with a sequel, “Anger II,” in 2012. Konda has also directed a full-length feature film titled “Convergence of Souls,” which has not yet been released. He now serves as co-writer, director, producer and creator of the upcoming “Evil in Her” project. 

Dynamic Features is an up-and-coming independent film company founded in 2015. Through the company, Konda and his partners aim to make a number of feature films, starting with “Evil in Her.”

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