The NOMAD Project Teaches Young Children about Diversity, Tolerance and Self-Acceptance

For many years, Scott Jansen-Hodges has been helping young children accept themselves and other through his NOMAD line of books. These highly imaginative and engaging stories use characters without distinct sexual and social identities. The highly popular NOMAD series has helped young readers define themselves without conforming to traditional stereotypes, as well as accept others from diverse cultural niches. In addition to helping young children, ten percent of proceeds is donated to programs that support diversity in education.

In addition to the eight NOMAD books that Scott has already published or being prepared for publication, Scott is also developing a line of plush toys modeled on the stories. The toys will better enable young readers to visualize characters and are intended as companions to the books. Furthermore, Scott is also launching a line of children’s sleepwear which will carry images from the illustrated books.

The NOMAD Project is an ambitious campaign that will appeal to countless families, but Scott is asking for your help to make it possible. He has sponsored a fundraising campaign to secure $30,000 which will be used to publish his books, design his line of related toys and clothing, and distribute them to retail outlets. By supporting this project, you will be helping young children better understand themselves and accept others from different backgrounds. If you are unable to financially support this project, please consider sharing it with others through Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about the NOMAD Project, or to make a donation, please visit

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