Tachyon Scan Tools launches OBDII Scan tools for Toyota Gasoline and Hybrid Vehicles

One of the fastest growing motorsport tools designer company in San Francisco Tachyon Scan tools offers high quality and advanced OBDII Scan tools for Toyota Gasoline and Hybrid Vehicles. The products manufactured by the company help to enhance the functionality of the vehicle and help the user in getting better knowledge about the status of their vehicle.

The Toyota scan tool offered by the company helps the user in gain more information about their vehicle which may contribute to improving the performance of the vehicle. The main aim of these products is to support the user in analyzing the driving patterns of the car, find the best routes with good fuel economy, check vehicle status, get vehicle diagnosis before going to the dealership so that they can estimate the cost.

The OBD2 and Toyota Hybrid Scantool offered by Tachyon help decode the complexity of hybrid vehicles and let the user understand its functionality in a batter way. As most of the hybrid vehicles consist of complex controls and rely on senor data, the chances of malfunctioning increases which may also lead to catastrophic failures in the vehicle. This is when Toyota Hybrid Scantool comes into light which can detect these malfunctions and prevents the chances of disastrous failures, thus, saving money to the user.

The OBD2 Scan tool can read hybrid sensor data including the data in electronic power steering, climate controller modules, battery status and sensor data in ABS/VSC/TSC. The scan tool can also monitor the hybrid battery and system which is a key component of any hybrid vehicle. Regular monitoring of the hybrid battery prolongs the battery life. Apart from this, the OBD2 scan tool can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes in the hybrid controller, ECU, EMPS, ABS, airbags and AC system in case of any malfunction in the system.

The Tachyon H1 software can monitor and store an unlimited number of trip recodes, each of which contains information about trip’s fuel consumption, distance traveled and fuel economy. The H1 unit is able to save a total of 25 such trips in the device without using the software support. Using the Tachyon Droid free app, the user can get all the information at the fingertips. Its  GPS-based path tracking allows the user to view real-time fuel economy, Fuel consumption and other information related to that trip, that helps them to select the best route for their daily commute.

Tachyon T1 and H1 Bluetooth OBD2 scan tools are easy to install and only requires a few minutes to install. The aim of the company is to provide advanced products at an affordable price to the user which helps them in knowing their vehicle better.

The products can be found on http://www.tachyontechtools.com/

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