eSign Genie Announces Enhanced Esignature API for Software Companies to Use With Their Applications

CUPERTINO, CA – 11 Mar, 2016 – eSign Genie, a software as a service (SaaS) company, announced their enhanced Esignature API to facilitate esigning from within other software providers’ applications. This feature will save time and add convenience for multi-tenant systems.

eSign Genie is excited to announce their latest API that will enable users of other software applications to just click on a button to esign documents without having to sign in to eSign Genie. “Our team is constantly seeking ways to increase convenience for our customers,” said Mahender Bist, founder and CEO. “eSign Genie’s enhanced API will help software providers including those with SAAS and multi-tenant cloud systems make the esignature process seamless from within their own applications. This will benefit software companies and their customers by eliminating several steps in between and save time and hassle.”

Other companies can use the eSign Genie platform to extend their application’s capability and bring electronic signature within their own application or website. eSign Genie supports the following transactions within the own software application using eSign Genie’s enhanced APIs:

• Facilitates the process of the user registration. The company/user can be created directly from within your system.
• Create documents from stored reusable templates in eSign Genie and esign within your application.
• Create and send pdf from within your application to eSign Genie, tag and send the document for esignatures to multiple parties in a few clicks.
• Receive the status and number of document in various statuses such as waiting for your signatures, waiting for other signatures, open, draft, executed etc. Feedback also include the document details and audit history which can be displayed by the software vendors on their systems.
• Receive feedback from eSign Genie after document esignatures and updates the status and or file server systems.
• Call the document API to get the executed documents back into your software provider’s server for convenience.

To find out more about eSign Genie’s enhanced API, just visit and sign up for a free trial account and contact us by phone or email.

eSign Genie was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers looking to implement an easy and affordable solution for sending and signing contracts. eSign Genie enters the market as the easiest and fastest eSignature software available to send documents. Sign up for a free trial eSign Genie account and see how it can help save time, money and hassle as well as increase productivity. No credit card needed.

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About eSign Genie:

eSign Genie is an online eSignature software launched by AccountSight software company that also has a user-friendly time and billing online software. eSign Genie was developed to send contracts and documents requiring signatures in a matter of minutes. It is easy to use, has convenient document collaboration features and keeps your documents completely secure. 0

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System Requirements:

eSign Genie works with any operating system. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


eSign Genie pricing is very reasonable and users can sign up for a free trial at

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