Independent Music Promotions leads in providing Music PR and Music marketing services to musicians with depth

A number of emerging artists are not able to get the recognition they deserve in today’s music industry, often due to lack of exposure, right marketing tactics,proper distribution and advertising. Some of the most substantial music goes unnoticed and promising artists stay hidden in the shadows. That is why the company Independent Music Promotions was founded.  The music PR Company offers music marketing services to emerging artists and helps them in showcase their “music with depth” to the world.

Independent Music Promotions (or IMP) was founded in 2011 by Steve James Moore, the author of the bestselling music marketing book “Your Band is a Virus”, and since its inception it’s been walking up the ladder of success, bringing along with them a slew of talented independent artists.  The company supports the artists who create “music with depth” or music that is meaningful, soulful and substantial, and helps them in marketing the same using proven tools and techniques. It follows a results based approach which allows them to provide guaranteed results to the client, making them one of the most sought out music marketing companies worldwide.

The founder of I.M.P. works with such panache, perhaps, because he himself had been a struggling artist once so he understands the mental pressure faced by new artists and the kind of support they need. With his continuous efforts and hard work, he has now reached the point where his own work has gone viral,with his words being shared by the Huffington Post, Sonicbids, ASCAP, Performer Magazine,CDBaby, and many others.  Now his aim is to support artists in bringing their true potential to the world, as he personally runs the campaigns for all the artists.

The reason that I.M.P. are able to provide guaranteed results is that theyare selective in choosing their clients but once the client is approved, the company will help them in generating high amounts of quality reviews and features for their music. It will also support the artists in getting exposure in popular publications, blogs, and websites. The services are strictly based on gaining high amounts of press for selected bands and independent so they can use the accolades to attract attention from various labels, festivals, licensing companies and music lovers.

II.M.P. has secured spaces for their artists in leading publications such as The Huffington Post, Guitar World, The Source, and many others. The aim of the company is to findtalented artists and support them in showcasing their music to the world.

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