The Trendy Crew Now Launched

The Trendy Crew has now been launched as an ecommerce shop for the satisfaction of buyers.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness to the online shop for accessories and collections at their affordable prices.

As per the products, these are entirely designed and offered in meeting the professional and casual trendy needs of the people.  These can range from ties, bow ties, cuff links, to bamboo sunglasses, bamboo watches and much more.

Due to the fact that they do not dropship, they can assure that their customers have the best experience from beginning to end. Located in San Francisco Bay Area, the founder of the trendy crew has contributed to the four successful startups in Silicon Valley.

The majority of the products sold are environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly and handmade from a natural bamboo and wood material. Most of the products even come with a giving and charitable mission in the following organizations and

The e-commerce store not only carries all if the essential and timeless pieces but also includes a complete selection of the stylish and trendy items can complement the unique taste of all buyers. The Trendy Crew is owned and operated by a team of qualified, skilled and passionate people. They pride themselves on providing customers with only the best and highest quality items.

Through their working partnerships all throughout the United States and other countries, it allows them to provide the public with the best collections at affordable prices. All of their products are backed by quality, integrity and personalized service.

The online showroom also offers clients from anywhere in the world, ease of access to their vast product selections.

“We don’t dropship and we never will.  For the same reason that I myself as a shopper don’t like to buy dropshipped products. First, as a customer, I think it’s misleading to shoppers when they buy something from your website and you actually have nothing to do with their item. When buying from, the same person that receives your order will pack your order and send it to you. It’s only us. All the time. I know it’s revolutionary in today’s world of online shopping but I insist on doing it this way because the overall customer experience from start to finish is so important to me. As a shopper, I expect nothing thing less.” – The Founder

It is anticipated that a large number of people will be interested in purchasing accessories and collections sold at their affordable prices.

If you are interested to know more about the ecommerce shop, feel free to visit this website

Media Contact
Company Name: The Trendy Crew
Phone: 1 (800)-693-2314
City: Cupertino
State: CA
Country: United States