Fitness Blog Announces Cutting-Edge Fitness, Strength and Weight Training Information

Expert Exercise Advice Blog Now Available To All For Proven Strength Training And Weight Lifting Advise

LONDON – Fitness Blog has created an exciting new strength training and weight lifting information blog. Fitness-seekers now have immediate access to proven routines and information for short and long-term goals. Fitness Blog ( shares details of workout routines and industry secrets for people striving for strength and health.

According to Blog Expert, Tom, “Weight loss is a highly over-complicated and misunderstood subject. Supplement companies and corporate gyms will tell you one thing and personal trainers another. The truth really is incredibly simple.  outlines how you can use strength and weight training, and explains the key elements necessary for success. I’ll explain how it works, what to avoid and why so many people simply don’t understand weight training, losing weight and fitness in general.”

One of the most accessible and effective ways for strength and weight loss is using the option of one’s own body weight as resistance. Tom adds, “Body weight exercises are performed using only your body’s resistance. Learning to perform high quality, good-form bodyweight exercises can lead to a number of positive benefits including but not limited to building muscle, improving flexibility, fat loss and injury recovery.”

At, the latest tips on strength training and fitness are finally available to the general public, without having to pay for an expensive personal trainer or gym membership. Professional articles and tutorials will guide the user through strength and weight training. Everything is well explained and there are videos and clear anatomical examples.

The advice of will help the user get in the best shape and enhance health for years to come.

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