New Website Promises to Become the Definitive Source for Kendama Toys

Los Angeles, CA – A new website media based company called has announced its official launch into the fast growing kendama toy space. A Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy made from wood that both children and adults can use to improve hand eye coordination and impress friends with intricate juggling tricks and shows. The website is promising to become the #1 resource on the internet when it comes to producing content around this growing and addictive trend.

“When people hear kendama, they are curious. They ask, well, what is it?”  said John Fitzpatrick, the owner and operator of as well as the main content publisher for the new website. “What myself and my team want to do, what we envision that is, is an entire website that can become a huge hit with people that want to know about kendama. There is a lot of variation in the toys, and even more variation in how you can play it and what you can do with it. The thing I like about it most is that it brings people together for fun without the need of a television screen or some tablet. People can just have old fashioned fun and it helps their brains too by improving their hand eye coordination dramatically.”

Today the website has finally launched for the public to view after months of preparation. The website will be hosted on worpdress, a friendly content management system that has dominated the internet as the preferred #1 choice for most internet marketers, content publishers and digital based entrepreneurs. The site will be publishing various media, from blog posts to buying guides as well as a deals section to help enthusiasts find the kendama that is right for them at the best possible price.

Since there are so many variations, from the pill to pro models to various stylized cases, beginners can often feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Kendama guide aims to make choosing a kendama easier by regularly reviewing the latest kendama on the market so that both children and adults can quickly decide which kendama is right for them without needing hours of research.

The website is still currently in the process of positioning itself as the authority on this subject matter but has made great strides already with its current content that it is using to launch the website. More content will be added on a regular basis for both visitors who want to read more about kendama, as well as to aid them in being in Google searches that will rank them highly on the world acclaimed search engine.

If you would like to learn more about KendamaGuide you can visit their website at


A content media publishing company that aims to become the #1 informational platform for the wooden Japanese toy known as a kendama. The business is currently less than a year old and is growing rapidly in the toys and games space as it becomes the preferred online kendama guide.

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