New Fiber Optic Tools Introduced For the Growth of Fiber Optics Industry

Syoptek International announces new Fiber Optic Tools, including One Click Cleaner and OTDR for preparing fiber for installation, conducting an inspection or cleaning connectors for a seamless network connection.

For cleaning or inspection of fiber optic networks, Syoptek International introduces a variety of tools, available at affordable prices. These Fiber Optic Tools feature an improved engineering, allowing technicians to carry out their inspection, cleaning or installation task in an efficient manner.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that clean fiber optic connectors are important for quality connections between fiber optics. This is the reason why company invests their time and money to design and develop high quality and easy to use tools for maintaining cleanliness of the fiber optics. The company has a full range of fiber optics cleaning and inspection tools to clean fiber optic connectors to avoid the network outage or downtime.

The company has now introduced the One Click Cleaner that is an easy to use tool for cleaning end faces of jumpers of connectors. There is no need to use alcohol for the cleaning, but the cleaner can be used to clean networks efficiently. Field technicians can easily carry the tool to help maintain the cleanliness of fiber optics. One can simply insert the tool inside the adapter and can clean it with a mechanical push action. The tool with its ergonomic design ensures a single click cleaning in an effortless manner.

New Fiber Optic Tools Introduced For the Growth of Fiber Optics Industry

Syoptek International designs fiber optics testing devices, including OTDR that can be used for testing the length, fiber loss, connector loss or any other characteristics of a fiber. The tool can easily locate events on the fiber cables that are essential for the installation, maintenance as well as for R&D in the fields of the network testing. With its 4.3 inch touchscreen, it is more convenient to carry out a network test and to get precise results. The rugged design makes the device durable for the outside use. With a high-capacity battery, the device can be used for more than 8 hours of continuous operation.

According to the company spokesperson, all testing or cleaning tools are designed to meet the requirements of the growing fiber optics industry.

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Syoptek International Limited,established on June 8, 2005, is a high-tech company specialized in researching and manufacturing of fiber optic test equipment, fiber microscope, optical power meter, visual fault locator, OTDR, fusion splicer and fiber optic cleaning products. Syoptek’s mission is to be your first-class and reliable passive components OEM expert and partner, and we are devoted to provide you with excellent quality, highest price-to-performance passive component products with fast delivery, quick support and upmost customer satisfaction.

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