Creepy Road Seeks Kickstarter Support To Revive Classic 2D Run & Gun Craze in 2016

GroovyMilk launched Kickstarter campaign seeking support for his new action game that packs classic 2D Run and Gun action style with loads of amazing features. It carries hand-drawn graphic by esteemed game designer Ilia Polutis.

Moscow, Russia – March 15, 2016 – Old school classic 2D games have been a charm with amazing artworks and crazy stories. A funding campaign for the classic game is already running at kickstarter, one of the top crowd funding platform, seeking help in its mission to revive the crazy ecstasy of the classic 2D Run and Gun action games in 2016. People can help revive the game by pledging to the campaign since it enters in the final stage running till the March 19, 2016.

“Classic 2D games have been one of the loveliest bits of our childhood and our team is on its way to recreate the same magic with our latest action game in 2016. We have chalked out some of the awesome features and now we are looking forward to a robust support from all the game lovers at Kickstarter,” stated one of the chief spokespersons from GroovyMilk.

Creepy Road is the story of Flint Trucker who gets into some real crazy action with creepy animals & mad men as his car breaks down in the middle of the road while he was rushing to save his love back home.

Esteemed art director and game designer Ilia Polutis who has been the illustrator of some of the biggest of brands like Coca Cola, Pringles etc. is the author of Flint & other characters in Creepy Road.

“Our game has got some real amazing hand drawn graphic from Ilia Polutis with pure attention to detail. Loaded with amazing features, Creepy Road will keep you glued with its more than thirty fun enemies who will come up with their exclusive attack styles with 15 unique hand drawn levels.”

The players will be exposed to a vast selection of fun and crazy weapons that can evoke UFO or turn enemies right into shit along with the classic arsenal loaded with mini gun, shotgun, AK 47 & revolver.

There is a wide range of bonuses for players and another spokesperson from the team also stressed on epic battles with HUGE bosses in Creepy Road. The game has promised 15 more authentic music tracks for each location.

“The funds support is not our only goal here. In fact, at Kickstarter, we are looking forward to get connected and earn valued feedback from our potential fans,” the spokesperson added in.

The revived classic Creepy Road game will be launched in the second quarter of 2016 in multiple languages including English and 8 other.

The kick starter campaign is already running for a month and will end on March 19, 2016. People can support this awesome project by pledging to the campaign starting from just $1 to $10,000. Many different rewards are offered based on the pledges to the campaign including digital and physical art works and many personal customizations to the game.

For more info about the Creepy Road and crowd funding campaign, please visit the official website or contact them below.

Media Contact
Company Name: GroovyMilk
Contact Person: Sarafanov Vladimir
Phone: +7 (916) 717 71 17
Address:Office 211, Bld. 7, Novodmitrovskaya str. 14
City: Moscow
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