PDF Brochure Maker from FlipBuilder Provides Enhanced Online Marketing Opportunities

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FlipBuilder has added new features to its range of digital publishing software to help online marketers create even more engaging and interactive content for readers.

The new PDF Brochure Maker is currently available for free download to marketers on the FlipBuilder website and provides a range of tools that can be used to convert static PDF brochures into animated online publications. Users can now include, among other things, links to popular social networks that can increase the possibility for readers to engage with digital brochures.

More and more businesses have been found to be increasing their online marketing efforts through digital brochures. The PDF Brochure Maker from FlipBuilder allows online marketers to quickly construct attractive-looking, professional brochures that can not only be viewed on most devices but also reduce the cost of hiring graphic designers and writers to create similar content. It is built on mobile friendly HTML-5 technology while allowing content creators to include Flash anywhere within publications.

In addition to lessening the cost of creating professional brochures, the software is also suitable for people with minimal computing skills, as no knowledge of coding is necessary to use the software. Brochures are created via simple mouse clicks, allowing digital publishers to convert PDF files into life-like content that provides realistic page-flipping actions. Users can also use its advanced page editor to include branding images, advertising and rich media content, as well as to refine brochures for vivid displays on devices.

The user-friendly features of the PDF Brochure Maker from FlipBuilder are expected to boost the engagement results of online marketers. It is currently available in both Windows and Mac versions.

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