Kids Yoga Stories Celebrates Benefits of Illustrated Yoga Books for Kids

Experts agree that keeping kids active is a good thing. Yoga for kids is a great way to get kids moving, learning, and having fun. Kids Yoga Stories celebrates the benefits of yoga for kids, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Most people are aware of the benefits of yoga, but yoga can also be a fun way to get children active. Kids who are comfortable with practicing yoga can continue to reap the benefits for a lifetime. For parents exploring ways to introduce yoga to little ones, introducing yoga through illustrated children’s books is a popular method. Boston-based publisher Kids Yoga Stories shares the benefits of yoga for kids on their popular blog. Parents and teachers have shared the blog far and wide, bringing attention to the creative, engaging kids yoga stories.

“We’re passionate about our yoga books for kids,” commented Giselle Shardlow, author of Kids Yoga Stories. “It’s really wonderful to know we’re having a positive impact in a real way. It makes all the hard work really worthwhile. We’re looking forward to continuing with even more great stories and yoga books for kids for ages three to eight.”

According to Kids Yoga Stories, the books deliver a long list of benefits to their young readers: content that’s not only fun and exciting, but also meaningful. The stories encourage cooperation and teamwork, especially with family and loved ones. Encouraging children to explore yoga builds strength, flexibility, and stamina. The stories promote the idea of combining imagination with action and physical activities, and by introducing yoga at an early age, parents open the door to an art that has been proven to ease tension, reduce stress, and encourage positive thinking and a settled mind.

Expect to see new releases from Kids Yoga Stories soon.

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Giselle Shardlow draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, mother, and yogi to write her yoga books for kids. The purpose of her yoga stories is to foster happy, healthy, and globally educated children.

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