“Play2Help” is a new mobile app that collects money for Charity through show advertisements to users.

The primary aim of this New Revolutionary Mobile App is the “PLAY TO DONATE FEATURE” where Users can vote for charity/donation projects, were collected money will go, also share this charity project on social media, compete with friends as well chooses kinds of Ads they prefer. The Mobile App creates a friendly platform where Donators and Charity can have a one-on-one communication together.

According to The CEO, Daniel Rajnoch, He said “There is much company who wants to pay to promote their product on a mobile phone as well many people around us you can see watching on their mobile screen. These individuals could use their 20 seconds of time to help others. Why not put this two factors together and create an app where a company will pay for users to watch their ads.”

Play 2 Help has announced its ongoing campaign recently launched on Indiegogo, which started February 2016, and will last till April 2016. The project has been budgeted to cost $30,000 where a $22,000 fee will be the cost to develop the “Play 2 Help” iOS app through GIGSTER, with some added functionalities like the push notification and the admin dashboard which would cost an additional $2000 each.

Backers can be part of this fantastic project starting at $5, to help save the life of less privileged. Please visit to help contribute to this project and be part of History.

However, if “Play 2 Help” don’t raise the full budget to create an APP through GIGSTER, it will explore a different backup plan which is the APP-PRESS services (; a cheaper version of developing APP. Also, if they won’t be able to deliver it until end of 2017 – all the money raised from the Campaign will go directly to charity. Preference will be given to charity which becomes a Charity Project Nominee and Sponsor. Play 2 Help offers the possibility for companies to buy a spot for charity project from which app users will choose where the donator’s money will go and as an ad on they will get promotion in our APP in value 1, 5 times what they spent to buy charity spot.

Also, if you are a charity organization and you like to be in the list of supported charity project, or you want further cooperation with Play 2 Help, please contact

Darius Gaynor
JustALead LLC
Tampa, Florida

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