ClickWorkerRanked Number One Among 50 Best Crowdsourcing Websites

In a poll done by more than 4000 independent internet users, the leading company in microtasking niche, clickworker, continued to lead as it was awarded with the number one ranking through votes. The “Ranker” poll has showcased the popularity of Clickworker among users.

The leading micro tasking website, Clickworker, has again proved its top position in the Industry as it was awarded the number one ranking in a poll carried out by “Ranker”. The poll, in which more than 4000 independent Internet users voted, has ended with Clickworker being the top company among the 50 best companies in the same niche.

“We have always tried to provide the best services to our clients through the vast connection of specialists in various fields connected through our platform. We are glad to be ranked as the best among the best,” the company representatives said.

The crowdsourcing expert, Clickworker, works on its cloud technology based platform to provide data management and web research services. “Our efforts have always been towards making the data management tasks of our clients easier and getting it done efficiently and quickly,” the company officials said. As told, their services include text services, under which they provide copywriting, descriptions and SEO content services to their clients. Further, they also specialize in SEO optimization, leads preparation, video analysis and product tagging and product data management services. Their specialty is carrying out surveys to gather targeted feedback, which provides important market analysis to their clients and makes them a go-to site.

The company officials said, “With more than 700,000 specialists of various fields connected through this platform, Clickworker aims to provide the best possible services to its clients.” The company has provided an efficient platform for its clients to get access to the experts from more than 136 countries. Through this, the clients can get their work done by qualified personsat a reasonable rate.

At the same time, the experts get to work forthe top clients and get paid fairfor their services. “With us, millions of Clickworkers work and earn money through their expertise and services,” they said.

Clickworker was launched as a crowdsourcing portal in 2009. Since then, they have been serving some of the very big names in the Industry and fortune 500 companies, such as Honda Research, Deutsche Telekom and many more. Represented by the Martal Group, Clickworker aims at being the Uber of the microtasking industry. Working efficiently in the on-demand industry, the company aims at taking the QA and operations process to new heights. With the recently conducted poll suggesting the success that they are getting and the top market position that they have earned, the company seems to be right on track to achieve their goal.

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Phone: +1 647 271 6844
Country: United States