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Eye of Love Pheromone Parfumes are made with high quality pheromones and sophisticated fragrances.
Eye of Love is a high-quality, sensual brand specially formulated for moments you could use an extra touch of romance and attraction. Their Arousing Pheromone Collection is designed to help men and women of all ages attract one another. Used daily, this will enhance a positive emotional reaction in any environment, giving an added advantage. The pheromone is odorless and stimulates a chemical reaction, while the fragrance complements and enhances the particular mood.

Eye of Love is a leading name in high quality Pheromone Perfumes and Colognes. They strive to provide an added advantage in personal endeavors, with the use of pheromones, by creating an enhanced friendly feeling and trusting environment. 

Eye of Love Arousing Pheromone Collection is designed to help men and women of all ages attract one another. The pheromone is odorless, yet can stimulate a chemical reaction that conjures positive emotions, while the fragrance complements the particular mood.

This year, Eye of Love has piqued interest in mainstream media including XBIZ and Thrillist and demand is skyrocketing. Consumers have become very loyal to their sophisticated fragrances and pheromone effects. 

As consumers continue to look for an added advantage in their personal and professional lives, the Eye of Love collection has stepped up to become the leading provider of cutting edge, safe pheromone technology. Used daily, it can enhance a positive emotional reaction in any environment, providing an added advantage. They have received many testimonials of people sharing their success stories from better relationships, to more confidence and better sales. 

“As the demand for our high quality pheromone fragrances for men and women increases, it’s vital we work with industry partners that can supply support and products to resellers and consumers,” said Jacqui Chowaiki, Director of Marketing and Sales. 

Eye of Love launched with its original 8 fragrances and now has added their new Love on the Run collection of 12 fresh and flirty new fragrances. They are available in Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Ambiance Sprays, and Pheromone Massage Candles. Each variety is special with a specific attraction depending on one’s needs and desires. With fragrances ranging from sweet and floral to spicy, musky, and even unscented pheromones, there is truly something for everyone.

“Whether you are working, playing, or being intimate, we can all use an added edge to enhance our desires and achieve our goals. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuits for healthy relationships and hope that we have helped make a difference in your daily life!” Jacqui Chowaiki, Director of Marketing and Sales.

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