Sash Bag – An Ingenious New Handbag Alternative is Perfect for Every Woman

Ugg Founder, Brian Smith, and creator of Sash joined together to build the next big thing in the fashion world.

SAN DIEGO, California – March 17, 2016 – It’s time to take a stand against purses, which are often uncomfortable, unorganized, and too bulky, and be part of the Sash Bag revolution. Sash Bags is the first handbag alternative where people can keep all their personal necessities in one comfortable, stylish bag. Creator of Sash Bags, Nichole MacDonald, and Founder of Ugg, Brian Smith, teamed together to launch a Kickstarter campaign

The Sash Bag has already proven why it has everything to be the next big thing in the fashion world. The number of backers (over 200) that have already supported this campaign on a very short period of time, bringing it beyond its initial goal, speaks for itself.

But the team behind the Sash Bag concept is not stopping here. With 21 days to go, Sash Bag campaign pursuits reaching a new stretched target, in order to create more bag styles and offer more options of satisfying the necessities of a more diversified audience! 


While MacDonald was at Legoland with her two kids, she had a huge meltdown because of her purse. It was unorganized, bulky, and uncomfortable to wear while toting around her children. This made her realize that there needs to be a more sensible and stylish handbag alternative in the market to help mom’s, travelers, adventurers, or anyone else who needs to carry their stuff on the go with ease. She created the Sash Bag that neatly carries personal necessities effortlessly.

The patent-pending design has 10 pockets stacked strategically up the front and back of the bag to distribute weight symmetrically and ergonomically. All the pockets are designed to fit most women’s necessities safely and securely. Women can go anywhere, anytime, and keep their essentials near them. 

“The quality of the leather combined with the functionality was something that jumped out at me. I was immediately hooked and wanted to know more.”
 – Brian Smith, Founder of Ugg

The Sash Bag has the following features: 

• 10 pockets

• Built-in wallet with RFID protection

• Holds an iPhone 6+ (and all other smart phones)

• Zippered passport pocket for travel

• Adjustable strap to fit any size

• Reversible styles (2-in-1)

• Ergonomic design

• Hand-made from quality materials

• Now offered in cloth 

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about this revolutionary bag. Click here to make a contribution.


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