Opens “Mini-Market” for Solar Energy Development on Surplus Land

CHICAGO, IL – 17 Mar, 2016 – Today, the leading national redevelopment marketplace and project platform, announced the launch of its featured real estate portfolio for solar energy development opportunities. Any parcel of land anywhere in the U.S. may list for free in the Brightfield Portfolio. As the solar energy market booms into maturity, it’s essential to have open, accessible means to take opportunities to market and connect to solar developers.

All real estate types are eligible to participate by using the brightfield tag:  greenfields, brownfields, pre- or post-closure landfills, farmland, old mine sites, or surplus acres in an oversized development park. Any generally flat, open ground with good exposure to the sun could be productive for 20 years or more generating solar energy. Previously developed sites or adjacent greenfields are often ideal because infrastructure savings can be substantial compared to undeveloped locations. As a lower-cost remediation option that also generates income, solar development on contaminated properties offers a compelling double economic benefit.

Launching in time for the spring development season and open for one year, the Brightfield Portfolio is the one place to connect properties to their solar potential. Thanks to the built-in RFP tool, the Brightfield Portfolio from is the best place to post any solar RFP for formal or informal responses.

Communities, businesses and property owners can work directly with solar developers to meet their renewable power needs by installing facilities on as little as one acre. Smaller installations are becoming viable as equipment costs plummet, which is good news for many urban sites. Solar energy in communities is seen as a good fit because solar energy production produces no noise, traffic, municipal cost, noxious odors or effluents.

If you have land to spare, think solar. There’s never been a better time to harvest clean, renewable energy from the sky. Register your property in the Brightfield Portfolio for free at:

View the Brightfield Portfolio at:

Or send an email to to learn more.

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