Experts Provide Tips on Pool Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Tile Replacement

A pool owner has two basic options: they can either clean the tiles with a pumice stone or hire a professional pool service to clean or replace them.
The efficacy of a pool or spa’s mechanical equipment is essential to keeping it well running, and it requires regular maintenance just like any other part of the pool or spa.

Many of these chores can be handled simply, and if done on a regular basis, the small problems will be managed and handled before they are turned into larger, more unmanageable problems. It is well worth the time and money spent to invest in a pool service to install pool the necessary pool equipment needed to do this regular maintenance; or some may find it easier for them to make a quick call to a monthly pool service specialist such as the professionals at Avalon Pools and Tile to do the maintenance for them. These pool experts specialize in everything a pool and spa may need from regularly needed maintenance to pool equipment installation to tile repair and replacement.

Areas Requiring Maintenance

The pump for the pool and spa is generally self-priming; however, the strainer basket inside will need to be cleaned out at least once a week. If one is going to attempt to do this one their own, they should refer to their owner’s manual to determine the specific location of their pump’s basket.

While checking the basket, they should also check the O-ring or gasket that seals the top of the pump housing for any cracks and replace it. Failure to do so will mean that the lid will not be able to form the seal that is needed to keep the pump operable. Major pump problems including water leaks are a reason to call a professional pool service such as Avalon Pools and Tiles.  

All types of pool filters require periodic cleaning in order to keep the water clear. The frequency of the maintenance for the pool filter depends of which kind of pool filter it is and how often the pool or spa is used. A regularly used pool or spa will need its filter changed once a month.

It does not help to change the filter more often than once a month; in fact, this makes the filtration process less effective. A slightly dirtier filter works better than a brand new perfectly clean filter. This is because the additional particles of dirt that is in the filter help to grab and trap more particles, thus, aiding in the process of removing debris faster.

Tile Replacement

Those who own a swimming pool adorned with beautiful tiles know that when that unwelcomed while ring on the tiles around the pool appears indicates that water is leaving its mark with calcium deposits. When this happens the pool owner has two basic options: they can either clean the tiles with a pumice stone or hire a professional pool service to clean or replace them. If the right option is to replace them, it is important to choose a style and color that no one will get tired of seeing. It is important to keep in mind that calcium deposits will be more noticeable on darker tiles, and that tiles with a shiny gloss will typically be more difficult to maintain, while mosaic tiles tend to have more grout lines that will need to be kept clean.

For the best pool and spa advice, maintenance, and services, one should put their trust into a monthly pool service company such as Avalon Pools and Tile. By employing their expertise one can ensure that their pool or spa will be in the best working condition. Beautiful tiles and freshly cleaned water make a beautiful pool that everyone can enjoy at any time of the year!

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