Final Packaging of MullerMoo’s Melli-Cow 12M+ Toddler Milk to Be Unveiled on March 16th

MullerMoo is a London, England based brand that promotes toddler formula produced in a factory with over 50 years of experience. Their latest toddler milk product, Melli-Cow 12M+ is going to hit the market in June this year.

Long before the product actually finds a place on the shelves of departmental stores and community shopping malls, Melli-Cow 12M+ Toddler Milks packaging is going to be revealed this 16th March. On behalf of Dr. Muller Biological Technology Co., Ltd, the company behind the MullerMoo brand, the owners said that the package design launch is a part of their promotional campaign which is to start right after the product gets the first media attention.

“We have invited nutritional experts, child doctors, media people and everyone who is directly involved in or concerned with nutritional benefits for toddlers and kids to our event. We believe that the upcoming package launch event will bring the Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk to the true limelight for the first time,” said a marketing manager of the company.

“We have designed a warm meadow, with the sun setting at the horizon. Melli, the little cow, is the mascot of our product and we will continue using this cartoony cow to inspire fun in the toddlers and parents alike,” she added during a press conference.

A bigger press conference is scheduled in Kendal, England come 16th March when correspondents of many leading newspapers and media outlets would likely congregate to experience the launch of the new package design of Melli-Cow 12M+, a product that has already created a sensation among leading nutritionists.

The owners of the MullerMoo brand promises that only whole fresh milk will be used in manufacturing the baby product. “The formula is rich in essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6. We will also use vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and rapeseed oil and a few other essential nutrients and minerals to form this amazing baby food that is soon going to win a large stake in the market,” said a member from the MullerMoo marketing team.

The marketing head of MullerMoo told the press that 16th March marks the beginning of the pre-launch promotional campaign. “We need to create some brand awareness in the overseas market right after the package design gets launched,” she said. She also indicated that the product will be available in two different types of containers.

About the Company

MullerMoo is a London, England based baby food brand with production in Kendal, England.



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